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  • A spotted lanternfly next to a nymph lanternfly on a tree branch.

    McDaniel research: Invasive spotted lanternflies may be on these trees in your backyard

    In a 2023 study published in Florida Entomologist, McDaniel College researchers identify three new tree species not previously recorded as hosts for invasive spotted lanternfly nymphs. Back in 2019, two students and Associate Professor Holly Martinson surveyed the insect's nymphs and egg masses in Pennsylvania, as well as plants at the McDaniel campus and McDaniel Environmental Center, with support from the Student-Faculty Collaborative Summer Research Program.
  • Painting of a metal bridge over a river.

    Student-faculty summer research inspires landscape painting exhibition on view in Rice Gallery

    “Light and Color, Space and Place: Landscape Painting on Site and in the Studio” runs Tuesday, Nov. 7-Friday, Dec. 8, with an opening reception on Thursday, Nov. 9, in the college’s Esther Prangley Rice Gallery.
  • Pink colored cover reading "Stereotyping Religion II: Critiquing Cliches" edited by Brad Stoddard and Craig Martin.

    Faculty expert’s new anthology confronts clichés in religion

    Associate Professor Brad Stoddard was inspired by input from students in his courses at McDaniel College to co-edit a new anthology of essays addressing modern stereotypes on religion, “Stereotyping Religion: Critiquing Clichés Volume II.”
  • Four students pose with professor Elly Engle in front of a vegetable garden at the McDaniel Environmental Center.

    Preparations begin for new Jam Garden at McDaniel Environmental Center

    Three student researchers are making their mark at McDaniel with the Jam Garden, a new edible plant garden and outdoor learning space proposed by Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies Elly Engle and funded by the 2023 Ira G. Zepp Teaching Enhancement Grant.
  • Two students and a professor stand together in the lab, all three wearing white lab coats.

    In the lab: students illuminate sunscreen performance

    We wear sunscreen to prevent burns, but have you ever wondered if your go-to formula is really blocking the sun? To find out, student researchers are testing the light-blocking abilities and chemical compositions of popular sunscreens as part of the Student-Faculty Collaborative Summer Research Program.
  • Professor Farzad Ahmadi stands with student Tania Mendez-Perez in the lab.

    Physics major makes a splash in thermodynamics summer research

    Assistant Professor of Physics and Engineering Farzad Ahmadi and Tania Mendez-Perez, a senior Physics major specializing in Engineering, are studying how water droplets react to superheated surfaces, particularly those exhibiting porosity. Their project is a part of the Student-Faculty Collaborative Summer Research Program.
  • Allison Kerwin Biology

    Biology professor receives research grant from the National Science Foundation

    Allison Kerwin, assistant professor of Biology, has received a three-year grant of $437,393 to study the effects of insecticides on jellyfish development and survival from the National Science Foundation (NSF) as part of the Building Research Capacity of New Faculty in Biology (BRC-BIO) program.
  • Student Mandy Smith painting on an easel at Baugher's local market stand.

    120 minutes with a plein-air painting research group

    In the Student-Faculty Collaborative Summer Research Program, Art students Zoe Shelby, Sarah Mendez, Lacy Newhouse, and Mandy Smith are painting en plein air with Professor of Art Steven Pearson to develop oil painting techniques and experience an art practice with a long tradition. Their work will appear this November in a campus art exhibition alongside visiting artists.
  • Kerry Duvall hugging Wendy Morris with Julia Jasken looking on at Commencement.

    Faculty earn top undergraduate teaching awards

    Two McDaniel professors have earned awards for their dedication to teaching and scholarship, awarded at McDaniel’s 153rd Commencement ceremony. The awards are the Ira G. Zepp Distinguished Teaching Award and the Ira G. Zepp Teaching Enhancement Grant.
  • McDaniel's Academic Symposium Logo.

    Second annual Academic Symposium on Monday, May 1, showcases the liberal arts in action

    McDaniel's Academic Symposium includes a robust program of innovative and inspiring presentations. Throughout the day, McDaniel students, faculty, and staff showcase their original research, scholarship, and creative achievements. Plus, two special events take place including a Conversation with Carroll County Leaders and a Keynote Lunch with Wall Street Journal reporter and author Melissa Korn (advance registration is required).