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McDaniel College awards five Baltimore City high school seniors full-tuition scholarships

Representatives from McDaniel College, Baltimore City Public Schools, and the CollegeBound Foundation surprised five Baltimore City high school seniors with full-tuition scholarships to attend McDaniel College as part of the Class of 2027. They each received a scholarship covering full tuition for all four years at McDaniel, valued at more than $180,000.

CollegeBound Scholarship Surprise Adrianna Coe

Adrianna Coe from Green Street Academy was surprised by Kemia Himon, Director of Financial Aid, President Julia Jasken, the Green Terror, Aza Smith, Senior Financial Aid Specialist, and Stephanie Stahler, Senior Associate Director of Admissions, with a full-tuition scholarship to McDaniel.

Five Baltimore City high school seniors were surprised March 27 with full-tuition scholarships to attend McDaniel as part of the incoming Class of 2027.

Representatives from McDaniel College, including President Julia Jasken and the Green Terror, Baltimore City Public Schools, and the CollegeBound Foundation, made the announcements at the students' high schools—Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School, Western High School, Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, and Green Street Academy.

The full-tuition scholarships cover all four years at McDaniel and are each valued at more than $180,000.

Since 2008, McDaniel College has partnered with the CollegeBound Foundation to provide full-tuition scholarships to Baltimore City high school students. McDaniel’s Admissions Office annually interviews students from CollegeBound Foundation-staffed Baltimore City public high schools for the scholarship.

Scholarship surprise

Jacqueline Roldan Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School

Jacqueline Roldan ranks first in her senior class and was highlighted as a Fox 45 CollegeBound Foundation “Scholar of the Week.” She is active in the community as a volunteer with Meals on Wheels and is involved with both Adelante Latina! and Building Steps, which have grown her leadership and mentoring skills. She serves as the fundraiser chair for her school’s Student Government Association and is a coordinator for the Traveling Club. She has completed two summer internships with Dent Education, which teaches design thinking, making, and entrepreneurship to empower students, and her future plans are to open a restaurant that helps to feed those facing housing instability, while showcasing her Mexican heritage in addition to fusing other cuisines.

High school student being surprised with a schlolarship.

Envy Lemon Western High School

Envy Lemon aspires to become a social worker to make a positive impact on her community. Lemon is a member of her school’s GSA (Gender-Sexuality Alliance) and has worked in the foodservice industry since the ninth grade. She has attended three different schools over her high school career, viewing each new environment as an opportunity to grow and gain confidence in her abilities to find success. Her experiences have also made her want to be part of the conversation to help address the lack of academic supports available for struggling K-8 students.  

CollegeBound Scholarship Evelyn Blackman

Evelyn Blackman Baltimore Polytechnic Institute

Evelyn Blackman has maintained straight As while taking all Honors and AP courses and participating in Poly’s Ingenuity Project for four years. She has been involved as a member of both the volleyball and track and field teams in addition to theatre classes, as well as the Floetic Lyricist club. She is also a member of her church’s worship team and volunteers at Teens in Training (TNT), which has showed her the importance of teamwork, communication, and leadership skills. Blackman was a semifinalist for WJZ-TV’s Black History Oratory Competition.


CollegeBound Scholarship Autumn Macklin

Autumn Macklin Baltimore Polytechnic Institute

Autumn Macklin has not only earned straight As throughout her high school career, she is a member of the MERIT Health Leadership Academy, participating in internships and research projects, while growing her leadership skills. She has spent her summers and Saturdays learning about the healthcare industry and preparing for the rigors of college coursework. She has also had the opportunity to work with HeartSmiles MD in conjunction with the Baltimore City Mayor’s Office to address children living with food insecurity through the creation of a virtual food pantry. Additionally, Macklin created her own business making bracelets called Blossy Bling Bangles.

Collegebound scholarship surprise

Adrianna Coe Green Street Academy

Adrianna Coe ranks No. 1 in her senior class. She has devoted her summers and weekends to participating in the MERIT Health Leadership Academy and earned her Youth Health Worker certification. Focused on public health, she aspires to become an epidemiologist. Coe is also the manager for her school’s volleyball team and a lover of nature.