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Sociology Department


Humans are inherently social creatures, and how we behave individually and collectively—in families, politics, religions—involves a vast web of cause and effect. Our courses explore the inner workings of community life, family patterns, social change, social movements, intergroup relations, race, gender, social class, the environment, technology, and the relationships that unite societies in the world system.

Rodney Fisher '19 majored in Criminal Justice

Class of 2019: Rodney Fisher Jr.

Criminal Justice major and first-generation college student Rodney Fisher's legacy is "to show all first-generation college students that you can do it. You can be successful and achieve anything that you set your mind to. Do not let self-doubt keep you from reaching your full potential."

Faculty Spotlight

Linda L. Semu

FACULTY SPOTLIGHT Linda Semu, Ph.D. Professor of Sociology

Professor and Comparative International Sociologist Linda Semu strives to show how her advocacy work as one of the founding members of the Malawi Washington Foundation can prompt students to seek change. Before coming to McDaniel, Semu was a lecturer in Sociology at the University of Malawi where she did research and consultancy work for both local and international organizations, as well as the Malawi government. She has taught courses like Introduction to Sociology: A Global Perspective, Food, Culture and Society, Love and Marriage: A Cross-Cultural Perspective, Global Social Change, Urban Sociology, and Urban and Community Studies.

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Faculty Spotlight Daniel Boches, Ph.D.

What part does Sociology play among the liberal arts?
As a sociologist, I teach the highly scientific and analytical, but you need both sides of the coin to be a responsible, democratic citizen. Other disciplines, like in the humanities, can equip students with moral, political, and ethical insights to help make the world a better place. The social sciences offer one piece of the mosaic that I think is essential for all of us — not just McDaniel students, but our larger communities.

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Dr. Debra C. Lemke

Department Chair