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Alumni Legacy Scholarship

Children, step-children and grandchildren of any WMC/McDaniel graduate are eligible to receive a new scholarship valued at $100,000, to be distributed annually at $25,000 for each of four years. This scholarship is open to new first-year students and new transfers who are admitted to McDaniel for the Fall of 2019 or later and who will be full-time students who live on campus. Students who wish to commute will be eligible to receive a scholarship of $20,000 annually, with a four-year value of $80,000.

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In honor and recognition of our WMC/McDaniel graduates, children and grandchildren of alumna who have earned their bachelor’s and/or master’s degree from McDaniel will qualify for the Alumni Legacy Scholarship.

New admitted first-year and transfer students entering McDaniel in the Fall of 2020 or after who will be full-time and living on campus. The total value of this award is $100,000 over four years, distributed annually at $25,000 for a maximum of four years for full-time students who live on campus. Students who wish to commute will be eligible to receive a scholarship of $20,000 annually, with a four-year value of $80,000.

  1. Submit the Alumni Legacy Scholarship Interest Form along with your McDaniel Application or Common Application and supporting documents.
  2. Our Alumni Office will complete the Alumni Legacy Scholarship Eligibility Form to confirm your parent's or grandparent's graduation status and your eligibility for this award.
  3. The Alumni Legacy Scholarship Interest and Eligibility Forms will both appear as items on your application checklist. We won’t be able to finalize your admission decision and scholarship award until we receive these items and confirm your eligibility.


The Alumni Legacy Scholarship is among the largest scholarships offered at McDaniel, and as a result, no additional scholarship — merit, music, summer science academy, Carroll County grant, etc. — will be added on top of an Alumni Legacy Scholarship. This scholarship will replace any other smaller scholarship a student may have received prior to being awarded the Alumni Legacy Scholarship.

If a high school student recipient of the Alumni Legacy Scholarship is invited to the campus to compete for the Dorsey Scholars Program or for Scholars on the Hill, then any new Presidential Scholarship or Dorsey Scholarship that may be received will completely replace the Alumni Legacy Scholarship. These competitive programs offer awards ranging from $27,500 annually to full tuition (or tuition room and board in the case of Dorsey Scholars), so it is possible to increase the value of the student’s merit award, but the scholarships are never added together. A student recipient receives the highest dollar-value scholarship for which he or she is eligible.

If you wish to pursue need-based assistance, then you should file the FAFSA after October 1 and have your results sent to McDaniel. Additional eligibility for need-based aid will be awarded in a McDaniel Financial Aid Award Letter. Once a McDaniel Financial Aid Award Letter has been issued, no revisions will be made to add the Alumni Legacy Scholarship.


If you complete the full admission process and are admitted to McDaniel, and you submit the appropriate criteria for the Alumni Legacy Scholarship verification, then you will receive the Alumni Legacy Scholarship. There is no limit to the number of recipients each fall.

For a student residing on campus at McDaniel, the Alumni Legacy Scholarship is valued at $25,000 annually for up to four years, a $100,000 value. Commuting students are eligible for an Alumni Legacy Scholarship valued at $20,000 annually with a four-year value of $80,000.

To retain the scholarship, you must maintain continuous full-time enrollment at McDaniel College for up to eight semesters.