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Our goal is to make the scholarship process as simple and clear as possible. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

When will I know if I will receive a McDaniel Merit or Legacy scholarship?

We’ll automatically consider you for a McDaniel Merit Scholarship when we review your application for admission. If awarded, you’ll receive your scholarship award letter along with your admission decision. 

Can I add the McDaniel Visit Grant to my McDaniel Merit or Legacy Scholarship?

Yes! The $1,000 Visit Incentive Grant will be added to your financial aid award, regardless of need, when you are admitted to and enroll at McDaniel.  

Am I eligible to receive more than one McDaniel Merit or Legacy Scholarship?

Admitted students will receive only one McDaniel Merit or Legacy Scholarship and these awards cannot be combined. In addition, your McDaniel Merit or Legacy Scholarship will replace any other smaller scholarship that you may have been awarded prior to receiving McDaniel Merit or Legacy Scholarship (ex. Summer Science Academy, Carroll County Grant, etc.). 

Should I submit the FAFSA if I receive a McDaniel Merit or Legacy Scholarship?

Absolutely! If your demonstrated need exceeds the amount of your McDaniel Merit, Legacy Scholarship Award, or Presidential Award, you could be eligible for additional McDaniel grant, as well as federal and state assistance (up to the cost of full tuition). You don’t want to miss out on additional funds, so be sure to submit your FAFSA early in the admission process. 

Can I receive a Presidential Scholar Award or Dorsey Scholar award if have already received a McDaniel Merit or Legacy Scholarship?

Yes! If you are selected for a Presidential Scholar Award, this scholarship will be added to your financial aid package to further reduce the cost of attending McDaniel.   

If you are named as a Dorsey Scholar Award recipient, this scholarship will be added to your financial aid package and cover up to the total cost of tuition, room and board. 

How are Presidential Scholarships awarded?

To be eligible for a Presidential Scholarship, a student must have been invited to apply to the Honors program and attend the college's annual Scholars on the Hill event. Scholarship determination is made through careful consideration of each eligible applicant's overall application for admission, including their strength of schedule, extra-curricular activities, core high school GPA, writing samples, class rank, and any other areas of significant achievement. Due to the limited number of scholarships available, we are not able to award Presidential Scholarships to all eligible students, and the strength of the group of eligible students can impact who receives this sought-after recognition and funding. 

What happens if my parent is no longer eligible for the Tuition Exchange or Tuition Remission benefit after I enroll at McDaniel?

If your parent’s eligibility for a tuition benefit changes, our Financial Aid Office will review your FAFSA and package you based on your eligibility for need-based aid.  

Can my scholarship ever be reduced or eliminated?

McDaniel Merit Scholarships are awarded for eight semesters (four years) or completion of your Bachelor's Degree, whichever comes first. Because these are scholarships that you earned based on your overall qualifications, they are not subject to change year-to-year. 

However it is important that students and families understand the policies that apply to merit scholarships. 

  • Scholarships are awarded for four years (8 semesters) or the completion of the Bachelor's degree, whichever comes first. Students should work closely with academic advisors to ensure they will complete their academic program in 8 semesters. 
  • Students must be enrolled full-time (12 credits) to receive their merit scholarship. If a student drops to part-time enrollment, their scholarship will be removed from their financial aid package.