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Gap Year Information

At the heart of the McDaniel Commitment is a deep appreciation for experiential learning. It's why we commit that every student who attends McDaniel will have at least two experiential opportunities while they're here. But we also know that some students seek richer and more immersive experiential learning before beginning their undergraduate career. By pursuing a Gap Year, these students return to McDaniel with expanded worldview and opinions. And we work hard to support them in their transition to campus.

A view of Budapest.

Preparing for a Gap Year

If you are a current high school senior preparing for a gap year experience, we will be working closely with you to ensure a seamless enrollment process at McDaniel. To begin the process, you should complete an application for admission just as you would if you intended to enroll immediately following your high school graduation.

Once admitted to McDaniel, you will pay your $500 deposit.

Once your deposit has been submitted, you will submit a Request for Deferment. This form will allow you to request to defer your acceptance for up to one year, allowing you the time to take full advantage of your gap year experience. Once approved, your deferment will also lock in your financial aid award (including any merit scholarship you might have received).

While you are on your gap year experience, you will be contacted regularly by your admissions counselor to ensure you stay on track for enrollment in the future term you selected.

Returning From a Gap Year

If you are currently on a gap year and getting ready to ready to return but have not yet applied and been admitted to McDaniel, you will prepare and submit your application following our standard admissions process.

Please note that we strongly encourage you to highlight your gap year experience in your application for admission. It reflects highly on your maturity, self-direction and motivation, and could make you eligible for additional scholarships or invitation to the Honors Program.

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A Trusted Resource Gap Year Association Preparing Well

The Gap Year Association is a trusted resource for planning your gap year experience. If you are in the process of identifying your gap year program, the Gap Year Association provides accreditation to help you find safe and rewarding opportunities. They also provide significant resources related to planning and returning from your gap year. 

Students in Budapest.

McDaniel Europe Campus An Unforgettable Opportunity in Budapest, Hungary

McDaniel has a satellite campus in Budapest, Hungary, where you can trace history from Ancient Roman Empire to one of the most modern and bustling cities in all of Europe. Tuition, room, and board are matched to our main campus rates, so any student can afford this life-changing experience. 

Mortar board at commencement.

The Honors Program

The McDaniel College Honors Program is an ideal complement and extension of a gap year. Like your gap year experience, it pushes you and challenges you to see the world in new ways. Because we find that students who have pursued a gap year are intellectually curious and mature, we believe you'll find the rigor of the Honors Program to be especially valuable and relevant in your academic development. We strongly encourage gap year students to pursue the Honors Program and Honors recognition.