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Honor the Past and Embrace the Future.

Engaging Alumni in the Life of the College

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The WMC (Western Maryland College) Heritage Society of the Alumni Council is charged with engaging alumni in the life of the college, supporting Academic Programming through funding and mentorship, endowing funds to support the preservation of campus historic building & student scholarships, and supporting college events, especially those that celebrate the history and traditions of the college. The WMC Heritage Society honors the past by educating current and future students, parents, faculty, and administrators of the traditions and history of our beautiful hilltop college.

The WMC Heritage Society was integral in the production of the college history and accompanying video "Fearless and Bold: A History of McDaniel College, 1866-2002," and a book-signing tour with author Dr. James E. Lightner '59. The Society led the effort to restore the original home of college founder Fayette Buell, the oldest building on campus, now named Rembert House.

"The Spirit of Western Maryland College lives on, the memories and shared experience are indelible. A song lyric goes, 'memory is a gift a man can't live without,' so it is with those who have spent time at our alma mater." - Don Rembert '61

Additionally, the Society has a fully endowed the WMC Heritage Society Scholarship, partially funded through the sales of "Fearless and Bold." The scholarship is awarded annually to a student , who through their campus and community involvement, exemplifies the mission of the WMC Heritage Society by honoring the past and embracing the future by preserving the history and traditions of the college.

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Rooted in our history Traditions

We've got them! An important part of our history, traditions help all Green Terrors stay connected with each other and the Hill. 

WMC Paints Water Tower

Our GREEN TERROR pride can be seen for miles! The WMC Heritage Society leads the charge to top the Hill with spirit.

The WMC Heritage Society's collaboration with the City of Westminster resulted in raising funds for the amazing refresh of the water tower. Proudly welcoming everyone to the Hill, the tower stands tall overlooking Westminster and beyond. 

Jim Lightner

Fearless and Bold: the story of our college by Kim Asch

It’ll make you laugh. It’ll make you cry. But, best of all, it will make you proud of your alma mater. Jim Lightner’s big new book tells the story of our college, from its founding in 1867 as Western Maryland College to its 2002 name change to McDaniel College. It’s not always pretty but it is, as the book’s title concludes, Fearless and Bold. Originally published in the Summer 2007 edition of the The Hill magazine as, "Our Story."

Buell House welcomes home WMC Heritage Society

Hill magazine Article "Buell House welcomes home WMC Heritage Society"

Hill magazine article, "Buell House welcomes home WMC Heritage Society"

from The Hill magazine, summer 2007 edition.

Renovations are nearly complete on the old stone house that once was home to College founder Fayette R. Buell and also housed the private academy that evolved into Western Maryland College.

The house at 205 Pennsylvania Avenue will serve as a conference facility and apartment for visiting scholars and lecturers, as well as the future home of WMC Heritage Society and as a setting for alumni gatherings and historical displays.

In March, the WMC Heritage Society adopted the $300,000 project, one that chairman Don Rembert ’61 says is a natural. Established in 2004, the Society provides a way for alumni to honor the College’s heritage – Western Maryland College was re-named McDaniel College in 2002- and educate current and future students and faculty on the traditions and history.

“The spirit of Western Maryland College lives on, the memories and shared experience are indelible,” says Rembert. “A song lyric goes ‘memory is a gift a man can’t live without,’ so it is with those who have spent time at our alma mater.”

Rembert, joined by his wife, Judy Ellis ’60, of Reston, Va., helped lead fundraising that supported the publication of the College’s history, Fearless and Bold, by Jim Lightner ’59, professor emeritus of mathematics and College historian. To date, more than 1,000 books have been sold to help support the annual WMC Heritage Society Scholarship.

Buell’s Westminster Male and Female School opened on April 16, 1980, and operated year-round, with terms beginning in April, July, October and January. The tuition was $3 to $7 per quarter and females could board. It was one of several private schools that operated in area. The College purchased the property in 1950, and it housed two apartments as well as the Golf Clubhouse for a number of years.

To learn more, contact the Alumni Affairs Office at 410-857-2296.

Photo Caption: Once renovations are complete, the old stone house the was once home to College founder Fayette R. Buell will become headquarters for the WMC Heritage Society.