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Blackboard Learn is Your Virtual Classroom

All online and hybrid classes use Blackboard, McDaniel’s Learning Management System (LMS). Blackboard allows the instructor to deliver course content and assignments, enable communication, receive assignments, facilitate interactions (student-student, student-faculty, student-content), offer feedback, and perform assessment.   

student in library
The most common features and Tools used in Blackboard include: 
  • Announcements, for regular communication
  • Syllabus and Read Me First, for conveying core course information, including learning objectives, grading requirements, time expectations, course tools, matters of accessibility and other housekeeping matters.
  • A Course Guide, for providing a storyboard of the class on one page that includes a class schedule along with objectives, resources, activities, assessments, and due dates.
  • Modules, links to areas that present course content aligned with learning outcomes, resources, activities, and assessments.
  • Assignments, for posting and submitting student work.
  • Discussion Board, for asynchronous conversation, group work, and collaborative activities.
  • Journal, that allows and encourages students to reflect on their learning.
  • Wiki, that provides a platform for students to collaborate asynchronously on group projects.
  • VoiceThread, a tool embedded in Blackboard that allows faculty the ability to create media rich, interactive, asynchronous lessons, as well as providing opportunities for students to interact with the course content, instructor, and one another using audio and/or video.
  • Tests and Quizzes, for administering exams, tests, quizzes, and surveys.
  • Gradebook, for managing and posting student grades.
Additionally, many online/hybrid classes also use Microsoft Teams for occasional synchronous online meetings and various forms of engagement.

Accessing Blackboard

Screenshot of MyMcDaniel Login screen

To enter Blackboard, go to: Or you can enter through MyMcDaniel. (You can always find MyMcDaniel portal in the upper right-hand corner of our website.) You will need your McDaniel username and password to log in. You should have received your McDaniel ID and instructions to set up your accounts and password with your admission letter.

Forgot your password? Go to MyMcDaniel and click on the Forgot your password link on the portal login page.

You can also activate your account here and change your password.

While Blackboard officially supports both desktop and mobile Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge desktop browsers, we strongly encourage you to use the desktop version of your browser. This is especially important when taking tests and submitting assignments.

Blackboard often incorporates additional technologies for (for textbooks, testing, social engagement). We have the fewest problems with Chrome.

If you are unsure if Blackboard supports your browser you can run the browser checker at Blackboard Learn.

Blackboard Overview for McDaniel College Students

This video will provide you with a quick overview of McDaniel’s Learning Management System, Blackboard. In this tutorial, you will learn how to access and navigate Blackboard, edit your profile, locate courses and review grades and feedback from your instructor.