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Living on Campus

Learning to think and act critically, taking charge of your life to develop your unique potential, expressing yourself for your own satisfaction as well as the larger community, and sharing responsibility for the common good are all lessons that are enhanced by living on campus among your peers. At McDaniel, you'll leave the residence halls having learned lessons beyond your coursework that will serve you in your personal and professional life long after you leave the college.

Learning Outcomes: Together We CLIMB

Living on campus is a complementary experience that works alongside classroom education to help you become better prepared to live on your own. Whether it is learning to do your own laundry, preparing meals, confronting a neighbor in a respectful manner, meeting new peers living near you that may not have obvious similar interests, or navigating administrative processes to select a room for the next year, there are many lessons you'll learn as a member of our residential community. The Office of Residence Life staff works with you to encourage these lessons. It is our goal that students will see that "Together We CLIMB."

C: Career Development

Connecting residents with resources and facilitating the development of skills related to academic and professional success.

  • Exploring potential career paths & academic opportunities
  • Learning and practicing marketable skills for increased success academically and professionally (effective communication, public speaking, self-marketing, self-advocacy, goal-setting, etc.)

L: Lifelong Learning

Encouraging residents to make safe and healthy decisions that promote overall well-being.

  • Exhibiting and practicing techniques for effective self-care to improve physical, emotional, mental, and social wellness
  • Increasing proficiency in effectively managing tasks of everyday life 

I: Identity Awareness

Helping residents to develop an appreciation for different perspectives and socio-cultural backgrounds in order to better understand others and oneself.

  • Exploring and celebrating differences in identity through various social and cultural lenses
  • Increasing exposure of diverse perspectives and opening opportunities for constructive conversation

M: Making a Difference

Engaging residents in opportunities to create a positive impact on local and global communities.

  • Promoting consciousness of societal issues and encouraging a sense of collective responsibility
  • Demonstrating the potential effect of active participation through supporting (or creating) social causes and initiatives (service events, campaigns, sustainability practices, etc.)

B: Building Connections

Assisting residents in developing supportive relationships with peers, college offices, and the larger community.

  • Connecting students with people, resources, and services that enrich the college experience
  • Creating opportunities for development of a supportive and respectful community with fellow students
dorm room with bed, desk and dresser

Welcome Home! First Year Student Housing

Living on campus is an essential part of our first year experience, and over 95% of first-year students participate in on-campus residence life. The First Year residential communities are designed to provide support through the transition to college, and students interact regularly with professional staff as they get settled into their new home.

Frequently Asked Questions First Year FAQ's What You Need to Know

As an incoming first-year student, we know you have many questions about the residential experience here at McDaniel. We've gathered the most common questions that incoming students have to make sure you get all the information you need.

North Village

Upperclass Student Housing

Upperclass students have several options for housing on campus. Options include traditional residence halls comprised of mainly double rooms with some singles and triples, apartment style living in North Village or Garden Apartments, and college-owned houses located on Pennsylvania Avenue bordering campus. 

Dorm Room in Whiteford

Linen & Care Package Program

Looking to order those extra-long sheets you need? We are proud to partner with OCM, a company that proudly serves over 900 campuses nationwide. OCM knows how important it is for each student to express their unique and authentic style. Products are hand selected by a team of merchants and college students to ensure they have the latest styles. The team tests every fabric, ensuring it’s quality, durability and (most importantly!) softness to keep students cozy. OCM makes it simple and fun for students and parents to shop for the latest college-approved bedding, dorm décor, bath sets, themed care packages, graduation frames, and more.



The Department of Campus Safety loans bikes to members of the McDaniel College community through its McCycle Bike Share Program. Students, faculty, staff and their visiting family members may borrow a bike for a few hours or an entire day, so long as they return the bike before sundown of that same day. Whether you need to run that quick errand to the food store or want to take a trip to downtown Westminster, riding a McCycle bike is a great alternative to driving. Come to the front window at Campus Safety with your McDaniel College ID or driver’s license and you’ll receive a bike number, a corresponding lock and key and a helmet if you need one!