What do my scores mean?

Reminder 1: All placement exams should be taken on Blackboard.

Reminder 2: Placement exam results are very important so your advisor can advise you appropriately.

English Placement

When a first-year student takes the English placement exam, the essay is reviewed by the English department.

After review the student is placed in one of two courses: ENG 1002 or ENG 1101.

Some students are given a choice which is called “DSP/ Directed Self Placement”. If you are one of these students, you will receive a letter from the English department.

Your English placement results will be posted in the Archway for you and your advisor to see when you log into Archway (look under “test summary”).

If you place in English 1002, it MUST be taken in the Fall semester. It is only offered one time per year.

If you are placed into ENG 1101 you can take it in the Fall OR the Spring.

Please contact Suzanne Nida in the English department with any questions at snida@mcdaniel.edu.

Math Placement

The Mathematics and Computer Science Department strongly encourages all students to take the Mathematics Placement Tests to allow the student the widest array of opportunities in their schedule, in both mathematics and additional disciplines.

If you are planning a major or minor in math or a related discipline (e.g. but not limited to, Chemistry, Computer Science, Physics), you should take the math placement exams in the summer before you complete advising and class registration.

To view placement results (will not be available until mid-late June prior to advising), log into the Self-Service menu (McDaniel portal) and Student Planning, click on the “Test Scores” tab to review your math course placement.

There is a RETAKE option for the math placement exam which will be available to students (after you take the exam once) between the dates on July 9-20th. This will also be on Blackboard.

Students who might benefit from more structured skill-building in mathematics may choose to register for the non-credit courses MAT 1001 (arithmetic) and/or MAT 1002 (algebra). Successful completion of either of these courses achieves the corresponding mathematics placement. Alternative methods for mathematics placement, including a portfolio review, are available by request. Please contact the Chair of the Math department for more information (Dr. Hamblen: shamblen@mcdaniel.edu).

The chart below (coming soon) will also assist you in understanding your course placement for math.

Second Language

You should take the language exam in the language you studied in high school, even if starting a new language at McDaniel.

If you studied ASL, Latin, Arabic or Chinese in high school and want to continue that language at McDaniel, you will test in person during orientation (and NOT on Blackboard) in August. Please email the First Year Team at firstyearteam@mcdaniel.edu if this applies to you.

When a student takes the language placement exam and submits online in blackboard the grade is received and posted in the gradebook online.

The raw scores for each of the parts of the language placement exam will be posted in the gradebook in Blackboard. In mid-late June (prior to the start of advising), log into the Self-Service menu (McDaniel Portal) and Student Planning, click on the “Test Scores” tab to review your language course placement.

There is follow up REQUIRED testing for students who place at or above the 2100 level for any language. This advanced testing is required and MAY CHANGE YOUR ULTIMATE PLACEMENT IN A COURSE.

Please refer to the information below for the course you will be placed in based on your exam score.

Language Placed into Score
  FRE 1101 00 – 22
  FRE 1103 23 – 36
  FRE 2100 or 2200-level courses 37 – 45 (= SL Fulfilled) 
  FRE 2500 to 2900-level courses 46 – 54 (= SL Fulfilled)
  FRE 3000-level courses 55 – (= SL Fulfilled)
  GER 1101 00 – 20
  GER 1102 21 – 40
  GER 2211 41 – 55 (= SL Fulfilled) 
  GER 2212/2221 56 – 70 (= SL Fulfilled)
  GER 3000-level course 71 – above (= SL Fulfilled)
  SPA 1101 0 – 8
  SPA 1102 9 – 15
  SPA 2211 16 – 21 (= SL Fulfilled) 
  SPA 2212 22 – 28 (= SL Fulfilled)
  SPA 2230 29 – 38 (= SL Fulfilled)
  SPA 3303/3309 39 – 46 (= SL Fulfilled)