Transfer Students

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Fall Deadline 1 April 15 May 3 May 3
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We consider any student who has completed more than 15 credits at any two or four year college to be a transfer student.

Community College Transfer Scholarships

Learn more about our scholarships for community college transfer students!

Visit us.
While we don’t require campus visits, we recommend them — you’ll like what you see — and we recommend that you have an interview.

Complete the application online by submitting the McDaniel Application or the Transfer Common Application with essay.

Forward your official transcripts from ALL colleges that you have attended to the admissions office.

Submit the residential student release form if you lived on campus at your most recent college AND plan to live on campus. Send a personalized link to the Dean of Students at your former institution as a part of our McDaniel Application, or download the form here if you are using the Transfer Common Application. We can’t review your application until we receive this release.

Contact an admissions counselor if you have any questions or if you need additional information please use this form.

What do we consider when reading your application?

While we carefully read all the information you provide us, your college academic history is the most important part of your application. We want to ensure your success at McDaniel and we need to be able to gauge your ability to succeed in a full-time load of college courses here. We not only look at your grades, but also the difficulty of the courses you complete.

Your transfer essay is also an important part of your application because it not only gives you an opportunity to tell us about yourself, but it also provides us with a glimpse of your writing style. The essay is also an opportunity for you to explain any "blips" in your academic history. For example, if you had a low GPA one semester, or you received a poor grade in a class, it is a good idea to explain what happened in your essay. A student who has taken some time off of school should explain what s/he has been doing since leaving school.

The Transfer Process

During the admission process, the Admissions Office will complete a preliminary (and unofficial) transfer credit evaluation for you as early as the point of receiving your application; we will mail you an initial evaluation showing the amount of credit to be accepted, the equivalent McDaniel Plan requirements met, any elective credit earned, and the minimum number of McDaniel College semester hours to be completed for the degree.

We are pleased to assist any student thinking about transferring to McDaniel at a later date with course selection at other institutions. If you are just beginning your academic career and would like any suggestions on transferable course credit, don’t hesitate to contact the Admissions Office and a counselor will assist you.

Maryland community college students who are considering transferring to McDaniel after completion of two years of coursework or the Associate degree will find many resources and questions about specific courses available on ARTSYS, a computerized data system created to facilitate the transfer process from the Maryland community colleges to participating four-year colleges, including McDaniel. You can find ARTSYS online at at any time.

How will my credits transfer?
McDaniel College grants transfer credit for courses that are standard liberal arts courses or that compare to the offerings of the College from institutions accredited by accrediting agencies recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. No grades of C- or lower will be approved for transfer.

Once you have decided to attend McDaniel, completed all transfer work and sent your final official transcripts, an updated credit evaluation is performed and posted on the McDaniel Archway showing how your credit applies to specific degree requirements for graduation. Shortly before school starts, the Academic Affairs Office will contact you to complete pre-registration for your courses. After you arrive at McDaniel, you should meet with your academic advisor to discuss your academic plan for your time at McDaniel.

How many of my credits will transfer?
McDaniel College will accept up to a maximum of 64 credit hours from a community college and a maximum of 96 credit hours from a four-year college or university to be applied towards the McDaniel degree. You must earn a grade of “C” or better for the credit to transfer. Most liberal arts classes are accepted for transfer credit, provided the class is of the level and nature offered here. Transfer students seeking advanced placement should consult with their academic advisor and the Registrar’s Office to determine applicable requirements.

How do my credits fit into the McDaniel Plan or into my major?
When we evaluate your transcript, we indicate the courses you have taken which fulfill the curriculum requirements of the McDaniel Plan and list which ones satisfy each specific requirement. We refer major-specific questions to the faculty in that department - either when you enroll or earlier if you desire.