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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Taskforce

Chaired by Trustee Patrick Stokes ‘91, the Trustee Taskforce consists of ten Trustees and Visitors to the Board who oversee the entirety of the diversity, equity and inclusion efforts at the college. Ultimately, the proposed DEI Strategic Plan will be reviewed and approved by this group.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Taskforce Charge

The Taskforce’s overarching goal is to eliminate historic and ongoing institutional racism root and branch at McDaniel and advocate for anti-racist practices. Their charge includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Advise, review, and monitor progress of the College’s ongoing strategic efforts pertaining to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.
  • Identify members for DEI Advisory Group.
  • Receive and review reports from Administrative Team to ensure efforts align with strategic priorities.
  • Identify external consultant and/or develop training for Board members, collectively and individually, to become anti-racist.
  • Review recommendations from the Advisory Group to the Administration.
  • Charge the Administrative Team with additional actions, as appropriate.
  • Recommend an institutional methodology to increase the people of color appointed to the Board.
  • Review plans of action to attract more people of color to faculty and staff.
  • Provide venues for alumni and employees of color to share their stories and experiences to be heard by others in our McDaniel community.
  • Analyze sensitive data, including:
    1. Salaries of BIPOC employees compared to white counterparts.
    2. Percentage of applicants of color for recent open employee positions and the percentage of those that received an offer compared to the overall candidate pool.
    3. Other data as requested.
  • Report to the Board of Trustees on recommended actions and the endorsement of policies.

Taskforce Membership:

  • Patrick Stokes ‘91 – Chair
  • Mark Stuart M.S. ‘94
  • Barbara Thomas ‘70
  • C. Victor McTeer ‘69
  • Martin K.P. Hill
  • Aaron Slaughter ‘10
  • Ralph Frith ‘84
  • Carolyn Landis
  • Robin Salomon
  • Alumni Council President Chuck Sullivan ‘72
  • Staff Support – Roger Casey, Julia Jasken, Marissa Cormier

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory Group

Chaired by Janel Cubbage '14, M.S. '16, the Advisory Group consists of BIPOC alumni, staff and faculty. The Advisory Group has access to college personnel upon request.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory Group Charge

To identify and acknowledge assets and opportunities as well as shortcomings and problems, in the McDaniel community based on lived experience and data analysis. To provide evidence-based recommendations and anti-racist strategies to create safe, supportive, and inclusive environments for BIPOC students, faculty, and staff on campus.

  • Analysis of aggregated data including:
    • Honor and Conduct cases broken out by race including the racial make-up of the Honor and Conduct Boards themselves.
    • Campus Safety Incident Reports, broken out by race.
    • Evaluation of print materials and website images for the purposes of ensuring equal representation and identifying subconscious messaging about race and power.
    • Financial aid distribution, to ensure equitable awarding of institutional financial aid.
    • Other data of interest to Advisory Group.
  • Examine policies and provide recommendations for changes in policy documents, including the Academic Catalog, Employee Handbook, and Student Handbook.
  • Provide guidance on the College’s use of the term Black Lives Matter.
  • Report recommendations to the DEI Administrative team and the DEI Taskforce.
  • Examine current mentorship programs available on campus. Provide recommendations for improving and expanding mentorship programs and professional development for BIPOC students and recommend ways to include BIPOC alumni.
  • Examine the experiences of students with campus safety and local law enforcement. Make recommendations for policy changes for campus safety. Identify opportunities for cooperation between campus safety and local law enforcement to best serve students, faculty, and staff.
  • Draft policy for hiring and personnel practices to increase the number of BIPOC faculty, staff, and administrators.
  • Provide a formal mechanism for alumni, faculty, staff, and current students to share their experiences with the administration.
  • Recommend strategies to increase engagement of McDaniel alumni of color.
  • Create a plan for evaluation and sustainability of adopted recommendations and policies.
  • Offer additional recommendations as the Advisory Group deems appropriate.

DEI Advisory Group Membership:

  • Janel Cubbage '14, M.S. '16 - Chair
  • Leigh Brownell '16
  • Glenn Caldwell, Professor of Music
  • Jasmin Chavez ‘18
  • Shelley Ensor, Senior Adjunct Lecturer of Music, Gospel Choir Director
  • Roger Isom '16
  • Alexaundria Leonard ‘17
  • James Martin '93
  • Amy Ramnarine, Assistant Professor of Economics and Business Administration
  • Manny Rodriguez '19, Assistant Director of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Kailla Rowell '12
  • Angela Smith, Social Media Marketing Manager
  • Bryn Upton, Professor of History
  • Erin Watley, Assistant Professor of Communication and Cinema

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Administrative Group

Chaired by Executive Vice-President and Provost Julia Jasken, the Administrative Team consists of faculty and administrators.

Action items for the DEI Administrative Team

Work with Campus Constituents on the development of a campus Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategic plan, which will include the following:

  1. Improve existing reporting structure for community members to elevate concerns about discrimination or acts of racial injustice.
  2. Increase transparency and clarify chain of command to respond to alleged incidences.
  3. Revise and publicize the College’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion statement.
  4. Enact hiring strategies to increase BIPOC representation in faculty and staff.
  5. Evaluate and increase DEI training across all areas within the McDaniel community.
  6. Expand White Accountability across the institution.
  7. Establish a Cultural Leadership Council for recognized student organizations serving minority or underrepresented students.
  8. Review curriculum for multicultural and racial justice course offerings.
  9. Seek feedback from the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory Group.
  10. Report recommendations and progress to the DEI Taskforce.
  11. Engage in meaningful conversation with regional law enforcement regarding safety and enhanced non-discriminatory practices.
  12. Develop safety strategies to protect students from marginalized groups against acts of oppression.
  13. Enhance relationship between BIPOC students and Campus Safety to ensure that concerns are shared among constituents and that all students are treated equitably.
  14. Assess mental and physical tolls of racism on Black and Brown people at McDaniel.
  15. Establish policies for identifying and addressing historic documents of exclusion and acknowledging histories of exclusionary practices.
  16. Examine policies and procedures to promote inclusion, anti-racist practices, and zero tolerance of symbols of exclusion.
  17. Develop long-term structures to ensure anti-racist work continues at the institution.

DEI Admin Membership:

  • Roger Casey, President
  • Julia Jasken, Executive Vice President and Provost
  • Janelle Holmboe, Vice President of Enrollment
  • Jenni Glennon M.S. ‘04, Associate Vice President of Administration
  • Liz Towle, Dean of Students
  • Heidi Reigel ‘97, Associate Vice President of Alumni and Admissions
  • Jose Moreno, Director of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Linda Semu, FIDC chair
  • Richard Smith ‘00, Associate Professor and Special Advisor to the Provost on Diversity Initiatives
  • Marissa Cormier, Chief of Staff