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Academic Success & Support on the Hill

College is a significant investment. We take seriously our responsibility to our students to support their academic goals and promote their success. As you adapt to the rigors of college coursework and faculty expectations, you will be supported by resources and individuals across campus. Ultimately, our barometer for judging the success of our efforts is watching you walk across the stage at Commencement and enter into our alumni family.


The office of Academic Life defines and promotes a standard of academic excellence. Academic Deans provide ongoing guidance of McDaniel faculty and administration, as well as provide academic support and advising for students.

Graduate in cap and gown ringing the Bell.

Academic Advising

Academic advising is a central component of student success and timely graduation. College is an environment for exploration and our faculty-advising model ensures that you will have personalized support for your success and to help you identify new opportunities at McDaniel.

Student Accessibility and Support Services (SASS)

Student Accessibility & Support Services (SASS) assists all students with documented disabilities. The SASS Office works with each student on a case-by-case basis to determine and implement appropriate accommodations based on individual needs.

First Year Transition & Support

Our First Year Team works closely with you before and during your first year to help you identify support, get connected and settle in at McDaniel. New students are supported in their development within the offering of orientation, first year and transfer seminars, the Peer Mentor program, and overall programming and support for academic and social engagement in the college community.

Hoover Library

Hoover Library is the core of scholarly interaction for the McDaniel College community of learners. The Hoover Library supports McDaniel College’s mission as a diverse, student-centered community committed to excellence in the liberal arts and sciences and professional studies. 

STEM Center

The STEM Center is a comprehensive resource for all students engaged in scientific or quantitatively rich pursuits at McDaniel College. Located in Hoover Library, the Center also serves as a collaborative learning center space and is staffed by highly qualified, trained peer learning assistants. 

The Writing Center

At the McDaniel Writing Center, students of all majors are positively supported at every step of the writing process, whether they are writing an essay, research paper, resume, or creative project. Trained peer tutors meet the particular needs of each student who visits, providing guidance for their unique writing endeavors. 

Where We Excel

When asked to rate their McDaniel College experience, our students highlight the following academic items as particular institutional strengths:

  • The instruction in my major field is excellent.
  • Faculty care about me as an individual.
  • The content of the courses within my major is valuable.
  • Major requirements are clear and reasonable.
  • Academic support services adequately meet the needs of students.