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A hand holds a paper map while comparing it to a map on a computer screen.

History and Art History Department

The study of history is an engagement with the past — the individuals, societies, and civilizations that have shaped the modern world. 


The McDaniel History Department offers courses and seminars in the social, cultural, and political history of the ancient world, America, Europe, and Asia with many opportunities for double majors and minors to create specialized programs of study. Courses cover topics from the High Middle Ages to Russian History to the American Revolution. History majors have gone on to graduate school and to a wide range of careers, including law, business, education, and government.

Zach Paugh History Academic Symposium 2024

Seniors present at annual History honor society conference History Major Accomplishments

Five History seniors were invited to present at the Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference held April 6. Senior History major Zach Paugh won second prize for his paper titled "John F. Kennedy’s Leadership: A Diplomatic Prevention of Nuclear War," which marked the 12th time since 2007 that a McDaniel student has won a prize at the conference.

Photo of professor Bryn Upton.

Bryn Upton, Ph.D. Faculty Spotlight

History repeats itself is one common misconception Bryn Upton hears as a History professor. He believes history never repeats itself — the themes may be similar, and the outcomes may feel familiar, but it is not a repeat. “The less you know about history, the easier that it is to imagine you’d always be on the right side of it,” is a much better expression to Upton, who came to McDaniel in 2002 with a post-doctoral fellowship for Black scholars. Upton teaches Modern U.S. History, U.S. Intellectual History, Black History, and Women’s History.

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Bryn Upton

Department Chair