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Philosophy Department


What is reality? What does it mean to be human? What is knowledge, justice and love? The study of philosophy at McDaniel is characterized by critical inquiry, intellectual courage, and compassionate understanding as we approach these questions and explore the works of great thinkers from antiquity to the present.

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Meet the Department Chair Elizabeth Tyler

Dr. Tyler specializes in East Asian philosophy and 20th century Continental philosophy with a special interest in feminist philosophy and philosophical psychology. My research focuses on relational models of the self. My recent research projects include: 1) how relational theories of the self and an investigation of historical discourses of femininity can shed light on the phenomenon of intimate partner violence, 2) how the first person experience of PTSD can be illuminated by employing concepts from Buddhist philosophy, and 3) how women's internalized perceptions of bodily weakness – at least when it comes to comparisons with men – affect women’s overall feelings of autonomy and competence.

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