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Data Analytics, M.S. (Professional Hybrid)

McDaniel's first Professional Master's program will position you to play an essential role in your organization. Our approach teaches more than just the skills of data analysis; you'll be trained on how to present data in impactful and persuasive ways.

Degree Types
Dollar sign
Program Cost
$19,800 ($660/credit)
Distinctive Requirements
Experiential Practica in Data Analytics
Hybrid (3 day residency per semester)

An Innovative Approach

Communicating with Data and Creating an Analytic Narrative

You’ll notice right from the start that the Professional Masters in Data Analytics at McDaniel College is uniquely designed to prepare you for professional success. Every course in the curriculum integrates skills more typically found in arts and humanity courses that prepares the student to think more critically and through a more peripherally focused lens. This requirement highlights not only our college’s liberal arts tradition but more importantly, our understanding of industry and how to help you distinguish yourself professionally.

See It In Action

Examples of assignments that require you to think broadly include:

  • Imagine you're the Chief Analytics Officer for your organization. In this role, you have been asked to write a code of conduct that all data analysts must adhere to. Write this code of ethics for your data analytics organization.
  • Students will provide a reflection on when data collection enriches a solution and when it becomes a violation of personal privacy.

A Hybrid Format: Designed With You in Mind

Our professional hybrid format is designed for your life, allowing you maximum flexibility without compromising the benefits of in-person instruction. The hybrid format features one full weekend (Fri-Sun) per semester of in-person class. This time interacting in person with your classmates and faculty enhances your online experience, establishes important relationships and helps you develop your professional network.

Because this degree requires experiential learning throughout for graduation, F1 students are eligible to participate in Curricular Practical Training (“CPT”) for the entire program in jobs or internships related to the course of study. International students should learn more about our CPT Policy here.

Requirements for the Executive Masters in Data Analytics

Admissions Requirements

  • Completed application for Data Analytics (note: the M.S. in Data Analytics has its own application).
  • Official transcript verifying completion of an undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited college or university. A minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.75 is preferred. International applicants may submit unofficial transcripts for application purposes but will be required to submit official transcripts prior to enrollment. 
  • Successful completion of required program pre-requisites:
    • Introduction to Statistics or equivalent (required)
    • Though not required, we find that additional work in Statistics, Calculus, and Linear Algebra coursework can be helpful.
  • Professional resume highlighting related work experience.
  • One official professional or academic letter of recommendation is recommended. 
  • Letter of intent detailing professional goals relative to the program is recommended.

Degree Requirements

  • Successful completion of 30 credits hours outlined in the curriculum
  • Minimum 3.0 G.P.A.
  • Experiential learning throughout satisfied by employment or research practicum.

Residency Weekend Attendance Policy

Residency sessions are mandatory on a Friday – Sunday scheduled by the college for a single weekend each Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. 

For International Students

Any F-1 student who fails to attend any residency session will be counted as absent for the entire semester and will have his or her SEVIS record terminated. Additionally, each online course shall have progress and attendance requirements which will be strictly enforced to ensure maintenance of F-1 status. Residency sessions are mandatory on a Friday – Sunday scheduled by the college for a single weekend each Fall and Spring semesters and at one Summer semester only. 

Research Practicum

​​​​​The research practicum will be designed collaboratively between each student and a supervisory faculty member, with scope and objectives tailored to the academic and professional goals of the student. The cost of the research practicum is $400 per 16-week semester/$200 per eight-week half-term.  Qualified students may alternate between CPT and the research practicum for each eight-week half-term.

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Special Opportunities

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Hands-On Experiences

Incorporated into the program is a required practicum experience through which you will apply experiential knowledge alongside your academic studies. This will directly allow for you to utilize your classroom studies into real world situations. Because we know the power of applied learning, you may have multiple practicums throughout the program. 


Taste of Arabia presentation.

Equipped for the Real World

The world is a complex place and data can help us understand it. But only if we are able to communicate about it in compelling and persuasive ways. It's why each course in our program integrates a liberal arts component that requires you to think more deeply and broadly about your role. 

mcintyre-endowed chair

Program Spotlight: M.S. in Data Analytics

In his two decades as professor of Economics at McDaniel, Kevin McIntyre has developed courses, conducted research, advised students, run search committees and served on a variety of academic committees. McIntyre brings all that experience coupled with his expertise teaching and mentoring students to his role as coordinator of the college’s new master’s in Data Analytics program.