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One Hill, One Day - March 30

Whether you graduated from WMC or McDaniel, you are a current student or a parent (past or present), or you’re a friend who believes in what happens on the Hill: One Hill, One Day is your time. For one day, let’s come together to make an extraordinary impact.



Advocate Training Video



One Hill, One Day logo with March 30 date

March 30 One Hill. One Day. Make an Impact.

Save the date—March 30 (That's McDaniel's Charter Day!)—for our annual day of giving.

Here’s how you can join us on One Hill, One Day:

  • Be an advocate – One Hill, One Day relies on word of mouth to be successful. Will you help us? Share the link to the campaign with your classmates, friends, and family, and see exactly how many clicks, gifts, and dollars you inspire. We’ll make sure you have all the tools you need to get started.
  • Give - Your gift of any size, to any area you feel passionate about makes a difference and helps students. 
  • Share - Get active on social media!
  • Challenge - When you create a matching gift or challenge your classmates and friends, you lead by example and your support goes even farther!

Looking for more ways to get more involved during One Hill, One Day? Watch the advocate training video on how to set up an account and use the tools on GiveCampus to encourage others to give. 



First thing's first.

To get ready for One Hill, One Day, follow our social media accounts and encourage your friends to do the same.

Picture of One Hill, One Day Socks

One Hill, One Day Socks

We want you to show your Green Terror spirit wherever you are. When you give $75 or more (or $6.25/month as a recurring gift) on One Hill, One Day, you'll get a pair of these exclusive socks! The 2023 socks were designed by Reuben Hubbard who is a senior Philosophy major with minors in Art and Cinema. This year's design commemorates the 125th anniversary of the Arch and represents bringing students into the light. 

Social Media Images

Get social! Use our social media graphics to update your profile and cover photos, and share content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Simply click on each link to download a full size image and save it to your phone or computer.

Be sure to use our hashtag #1H1D in all of your posts!

Get Social

The success of One Hill, One Day depends on the power of our network. Help us spread the word wherever you're social!

Post on your social media account throughout March, and especially on One Hill, One Day, March 30. When you sign up or log into your account in GiveCampus, you will receive a unique URL. Be sure to use that on your social media posts to see how much money you helped raise!

Not sure what to say? Use these sample posts for inspiration, and feel free to add your own spin.

Today is One Hill, One Day! Help McDaniel reach 1,200 donors today. Together, we can make a difference for every single student. #1H1D
I made a difference today and you can too! Join me in supporting One Hill, One Day—One day, the Green Terror Community coming together to support McDaniel Students. #1H1D
Today is the day! On One Hill, One Day, let's show the world what it means to be a Green Terror. In one day, we can come together as a community to make great things happen for McDaniel students. Join the challenge and help McDaniel reach 1,200 donors today! #1H1D

Supporting your favorite Green Terror athletic team? Try this:

Today is One Hill, One Day and Green Terror student-athletes need our support. Will you help us in supporting the {insert your team}? #1H1D

  • Use the hashtag #1H1D in all of your social media activity
  • Like, share and comment on any One Hill, One Day post that you see from others as well!

Challenge Your Friends

When you create a challenge, you agree to donate a certain amount if others also agree to give. You can challenge your classmates, teammates, or friends.

Here are some sample challenges:

Per-Dollar Examples:

If parents raise $5,000, I will donate $500
If members of the Class of 1998 raise $1,000, I will donate $500

Per-Donor Examples:

If 15 members of the Class of 1967 give, I will donate $500
If McDaniel hits its goal of 1,200 donors, I will donate $1,000
If 100 parents give, I will give $1,000

Want to make a bigger impact? Make a matching gift! You can match your classmates, teammates, or friends by donor or dollar:

Per-Dollar Example:

I will donate $1 for every $1 donated by the Class of 2012, up to $500

Per-Donor Example:

I will donate $25 for each donor from the Class of 2012, up to $500

Set your challenge or match on March 30, reach out to your contacts, and watch the support grow. Get creative, and have fun!

Zoom Backgrounds

Celebrate One Hill, One Day when you are in virtual classes or meetings with our One Hill, One Day Virtual Backgrounds.

1H1D Zoom Background

One Hill, One Day Zoom Stadium

1H1D Zoom Background

One Hill, One Day Zoom Campus