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Alumni Profiles

Senior Profiles We Are McDaniel Class of 2022

  • McDaniel College alumna Tracy Baynard '93

    Tracy Baynard ’93

    “Dr. Sam Case was highly influential in providing hands-on experiences to students and he was very gracious with his time.”
  • Jennifer Wuamett '87 McDaniel College alumna

    Jennifer Wuamett ’87

    I’ll never forget the breadth of education and encouragement on the Hill. At McDaniel, I learned how to continue to pursue my dreams — even if they changed over time.”
  • Haley Jacobs ’17, physician assistant at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore.

    Haley Jacobs, ’17

    “I decided to go with Kinesiology after I learned that you work with both the mind and the body, and I loved being able to focus on sports.”
  • Nicole Rutherford ’16 teaches the deadlift as a platform coach at the L.A. Starting Strength seminar.

    Nicole Rutherford, ’16

    “When I wasn’t working or in class, I was studying to ensure I could finish my dual degree on time.”
  • Britt and Lauren Burr

    Britt Burr ’11

    “If you would have told me when I was graduating from McDaniel that I’d start my own nonprofit, I would have said, ‘No way, that’s a lot,' and it is a lot. But we just built from where we were and all of a sudden, it just makes sense.”
  • Christopher Molloy, National Bohemian brand manager, and Boh, the mascot

    Christopher Molloy ’10

    “Most people don’t listen. They want to talk. But when you walk into a business meeting, the answer is already in the room. You just need to listen for it and reflect it back.”
  • John Baugher M.S. ’06

    “I had some incredible professors at McDaniel. I was really kind of wavering about whether I wanted to go into administration, but several of them had spoken to me privately and suggested I continue down that path. They saw something in me that others did not.”
  • McDaniel College alumna Danielle Rowlett Tate '03

    Danielle Rowlett Tate ’03

    “I learned about mental toughness and that with enough tenacity — and a book — I can figure out anything.”
  • Students walking towards Hoover Library

    Dr. Sandra Geiman Ruby ’99

    “To say that Carroll County is privileged to have her is an understatement. If what she wanted was academic acclaim, there’s no question in my mind that she could have been successful at Hopkins, Yale or Harvard. But she saw a need, a very real need, and is very committed to our community.” Andrea Kirby Ormiston ’99, Dr. Ruby's best friend since 2nd grade
  • McDaniel College alumna Nicki Pesik '86 at CDC

    Dr. Nicki Pesik '86

    It was the most challenging public health experience I’ve ever head, but it was among the most rewarding.”