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  • A male student holds a video game controller and smiles at the camera next to a large TV screen with a video game playing on it.

    Students explore history in video games for this First Year Seminar class

    In The Middle Ages though Video Games, Lecturer in History Jillian Bjerke is guiding first-year students through a journey into the past with video game play. A First Year Seminar, the course pairs an academic subject with an introduction to McDaniel and the college experience.
  • A woman speaks to students seated in a classroom.

    Students break barriers in First Year Seminar about pop culture

    First-year students in Senior Lecturer in Arabic Carol Zaru’s First Year Seminar, Breaking Barriers: Pop Culture in the Arab World, are exploring the power of pop culture through the history of the Arab Spring and in their own experiences.
  • Group photo of the students in the First Year Seminar Find Your Strong: Running for your Life.

    Students run, jog, and walk their way through their First Year Seminar

    Students in Adjunct Lecturer Lisa Lebo’s First Year Seminar course, Find Your Strong: Running for Your Life, are off to a running start at McDaniel. That is, they’re spending time at the track and in the classroom exploring the physiological, emotional, and community-building benefits of running as part of their introduction to McDaniel.
  • A group of students plays Tripoley in a classroom. The professor points at the board.

    First-year students discover unseen math in puzzles and games

    From cards to board games, you can find math in surprising places, as students in the First Year Seminar Unseen Math in Puzzles and Games are learning from Senior Lecturer of Mathematics Michele Gribben '87. The interdisciplinary course is one of many First Year Seminars that introduce the newest Green Terrors to academics and resources at McDaniel.
  • Student Varia Alston reads a comic in the First Year Seminar course titled I am Groot.

    Students gain storytelling powers in Marvel-themed First Year Seminar

    Students in Associate Professor Paul Muhlhauser’s First Year Seminar are discovering that there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to their favorite Marvel superheroes as they examine tropes, representation, and transmedia in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • Chloe Irla's First Year Seminar Art on the Edge staged an Issues March with their art.

    Art on the Edge students parade their art to speak out on social issues

    Art professor Chloe Irla's Art on the Edge First Year Seminar students might be new to McDaniel, but they are well acquainted with the issues of the day. They reflected those issues in art projects and staged an Issues March across campus.
  • Student walking in front of Hoover Library.

    Encore: Juniors return to First Year Seminar as peer mentors

    Juniors Taylor Hoey and Matt Hopson are enrolled in another round of the First Year Seminar “Rebels in Early America” — and History professor Stephen Feeley couldn’t be more pleased to have them back in his class. The close friends met in “Rebels” as freshmen and leaped at the opportunity for a return engagement, this time as peer mentors to a brand new group of McDaniel first-year students.
  • Students and professor in Psychology of Star Wars First Year Seminar

    The Force is with first-year students probing the psychology of ‘Star Wars’

    Professor Holly Chalk’s First Year Seminar (FYS) students are beginning to see that iconic villain Darth Vader in the light of a different star as they explore “The Psychology of ‘Star Wars’” and uncover the roots of Vader’s probable anxiety disorder.
  • Favour Ubani (right) discusses her cell phone holder with professor Katie Staab while classmate Jillian Stewart works in the background.

    First year students learn through play as they tinker with discovery

    A class full of first-year students are “Tinkering with Discovery” in the First Year Seminar their professor hopes will serve as a metaphor for life.
  • English professor Paul Zajac with student from his Shakespeare's Game of Thrones FYS

    First-year students examine ‘Game of Thrones’ through Shakespeare’s lens

    Any illusions that the HBO series based on George Martin’s “A Song of Fire and Ice” series is breaking new ground in entertainment were pretty much shattered by the second meeting of professor Paul Zajac’s First Year Seminar, “Shakespeare’s Game of Thrones.”