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The Edge Experience is a mentorship program for first-year students from Baltimore City Public schools. During the summer, first-year students are invited to attend McDaniel Local. It is an exciting summer program that blends orientation and academic vision-setting. At McDaniel Local, students will spend time on campus before the start of the semester, make friends, meet mentors, and get connected to Westminster community.

During the academic year, students are required to attend monthly meetings and periodic social functions. They also are paired with a upper-class student mentor, to give advice and support to navigate their first year of college. Faculty and Staff also assists in their development and overall success at the college. As a member of the Edge Experience program you will be given a brand new Under Armor backpack full of school supplies.

Program Goals:

  • Connect: By participating in the program, students establish a connection with their student mentors, the campus community and the surrounding community.
  • Support: Students are provided with support from student and staff to provide them with a well-rounded experience academically and socially.
  • Engage: McDaniel College offers many opportunities to be engaged. As a part of this program, the students are expected to attend programs, events, and community service programs throughout the academic year.
  • Retain: Provide students with support to be successful and complete their degree.

Graduates in cap and gown walking across campus.