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McDaniel Biology offers dynamic coursework in biological science and the inner workings of organic life that forms the essential background for pursuing medical and graduate programs in the life sciences, and careers in biological research or education.

A Decade of Collaboration, Transformation, and Growth In the Biology Lab

When Cheng Huang joined the McDaniel faculty in 2012, the associate professor of Biology launched his research lab with a goal of creating transformational opportunities for undergraduate students. Since then, ambitious Biology students have honed their skills with summertime experiments on zebrafish embryos in the Huang lab. 

Maureen Williams, Ph.D. Faculty Spotlight

A certified scuba instructor who loves to be outdoors, Maureen Williams brings her own hands-on experience into the classroom and Biology lab. She has published internationally collaborative research on subjects like parasite communities in coral reef fish in remote Pacific islands and on the resilience of Japanese river ecosystems during heatwaves.

Randy Day '77 Meet an Alum

When Randy Day ’77 was 12, he worked on a farm tending peaches, apples and strawberry plants. Now the chief operating officer of Perdue Farms, Day has come full circle in the field of agriculture. As a Biology major at McDaniel, Day learned how to diversify his skills and study a wide range of subjects that have come in handy as a COO.

Connect With Us

Dr. Cheng Huang

Associate Professor and Department Chair

Phone: (410) 857-2402

Office: Lewis Hall of Science 205


Lewis Hall of Science and Eaton Hall