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Two students use microscopes in the lab.

Biology - Molecular Biology

Are you someone who loves diving into the smallest details? Are you fascinated by the intricate structures that make up all living things? If so, a Molecular Biology degree from McDaniel College might be perfect for you. In our Molecular Biology program, you'll study the fundamental building blocks of life. Get ready to delve into the fascinating world of molecules!

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Why McDaniel for your degree in Molecular Biology?

A student uses lab equipment.

As a Molecular Biology major at McDaniel, you'll study cellular and sub-cellular processes. McDaniel's campus laboratories and robust student-faculty research opportunities provide many opportunities to gain skills in practical research and lab standards. Molecular Biology graduates are well prepared for graduate school or to become lab technicians, research assistants, and other specialized roles right after graduation.

This study of Molecular Biology explores the intricate mechanisms that drive life, such as genetics and biochemistry. By pursuing a Molecular Biology degree, you will gain a deep understanding of how living organisms function at a molecular level.

Career Pathways in Molecular Biology:

McDaniel's Molecular Biology degree is a ticket to many career and graduate school opportunities. Our graduates go on to earn advanced degrees in Medical and Veterinary School, as well as careers in research labs, the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, and the federal government.

Special Opportunities for Molecular Biology Students

Jade Enright, Molecular Biology major at McDaniel College, conducted research at Yale.

Molecular Biology major conducts summer research at Yale Amgen Scholars Program

Jade Enright, a senior Molecular Biology major with a strong Chemistry minor, conducted research at Yale University after being named an Amgen Scholar. Enright worked in a graduate molecular biology lab overseen by a Yale professor and staffed with four post-doctoral fellows, four Ph.D. students and a lab manager.

Two students studying in the STEM Center.

STEM Center

The McDaniel STEM Center provides academic support to any student enrolled in STEM courses, and the opportunity to become a peer tutor.

Biology Lab Sneak Peek

Ready to delve into the complex world of Biology at McDaniel? Follow Pre-Med student Makayla Patterson ’21 on a tour of the Biology department through a student researcher’s eyes, complete with an exclusive view of our top-of-the-line laboratory spaces.

Distinctive Courses in Molecular Biology

BIO 2203 - Genetics

A study of the concepts of classical and contemporary genetics. The action of genetic mechanisms at various levels of biological organization (molecular, cellular, organismal, and population) and in a variety of cells and organisms is included.

BIO 2208 - Molecular Biology

An introduction to the theory and methodology of molecular biology.  The transition from DNA to RNA to protein will be explored along with a basic toolkit of laboratory techniques that are used in their analysis.  There will also be an introduction to bioinformatics and genomics.

BIO 2201 - Vertebrate Diversity

A study of vertebrate structure with an emphasis on taxonomic diversity. Phylogenetic systematic approaches to vertebrate phylogeny will be explored. The laboratory will survey the vertebrates; trips to the field will be used to explore the local fauna.

BIO 2206 - Epidemiology

A study of the science of disease incidence, spread, prevention, and control in human populations. The course will examine descriptive and quantitative methods, public health surveillance methods, and outbreak analysis techniques. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Morbidity and Mortality reports will be emphasized.

Molecular Biology Program Requirements

McDaniel Commitment in Action

The McDaniel Commitment — a series of opportunities guaranteed to all students — provides enhanced mentoring and coaching, and ensures every undergraduate student completes at least two meaningful experiential learning opportunities.

Headshot of Hyosik Kim holding a textbook.

Alumni Spotlight Class of 2022: Hyosik Kim

International student Hyosik Kim's favorite class at McDaniel was Advanced Molecular Genetics. In addition to learning new techniques in the classroom, he also had a chance to conduct research in the lab of Dr. Susan Parrish and Dr. Dana Ferraris. He graduated with a capstone project that studied viral proteins that could be used for vaccines. 

Peyton Fair

Alumni Spotlight Class of 2021: Peyton Fair

Peyton Fair, an accomplished equestrian who competes in dressage with her horse, GR Fancy Action, understands hard work and keeping her eye on the prize. In preparation for her dream of becoming a physician, the Biology major interned at University of Maryland Shock Trauma and did research at Johns Hopkins, where she landed a position as research technician while applying to med school. She’ll long be remembered by the enormous DNA molecule she built and installed on the second floor of Eaton Hall.