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Student writing in notebook outside of Budapest campus.

Writing and Publishing

More blogs. More ebooks. More social media accounts. More bingeworthy Netflix shows. One of the hallmarks of the digital age is that there’s just more everything. Luckily for aspiring writers like you, all that content has to come from somewhere.

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We live in a world where text-production and circulation is more ubiquitous, more rapid, and more complex than ever before. Even small businesses find that their websites are hungry for ever-new content and that their customers expect increasingly sophisticated communications. The Baltimore-Washington region, in particular, is home to a large number of companies, trade organizations, and government agencies that rely on writers who can create, edit, and manage a publication pipeline. Strong writers with digitally literate content-creation skills are in high demand.

In the Writing and Publishing major, housed in McDaniel’s English department, you’ll learn about what it takes to become a professional writer who’s built for success in this content-hungry era.

Future Career Paths

An Writing and Publishing degree from McDaniel College prepares students for employment in a variety of fields and provides them the tools to be successful in their jobs. Our graduates have gone on to law school and pursued academic study. They’ve also become:

  • Novelists
  • Journalists
  • Teachers
  • Marketers
  • Scholars and Professors
  • Editors

Distinctive Courses

ENG 1103 - Introduction to Journalism

A study of the news media in America, including how they work, their strengths, weaknesses, problems, and priorities with an emphasis on print journalism and journalists. Students also receive instruction in the art of news reporting and writing.

ENG 2104 - Humor Writing

This course is designed to help students develop their skills in humor and comedy writing. Although the focus is on prose intended for readers, students will also have the opportunity to write commonly performed pieces that also apply when read (such as podcast scripts and short plays). Similar to the creative process used in writing longer prose, students will also brainstorm and refine very short forms of humor that sometimes stand alone in popular culture, such as jokes and wordplay associated with standup comedy, bumper stickers, and t-shirts.

CIN 3401 - Scriptwriting

The principles, techniques, and requirements of scriptwriting. These are developed through the analysis of existing materials and through the construction and composition of original scripts.

ENG 3307 - Social Media: Rhetoric and Design

Students explore the rhetorical and cultural effects of social media as well as the shifting expectations for writers in these environments. Along with investigating how self and society are shaped by the ways information is presented, collected, vetted, and shared, students work with a variety of social media platforms to create a coherent web presence designed for real audiences. In the course, students learn to effectively curate information, create infographics, podcast, blog, and vlog.

Writing and Publishing Program Requirements

Special Opportunities

Students outside of Budapest campus.

Writing Opportunities

Flex your literary muscles. Publish your fiction and poetry in the student-run Contrast Literary Magazine, get a job in the Writing Center helping fellow students polish their papers, or write a column for the student-run newspaper, the McDaniel Free Press.

The McDaniel Commitment in Action

The McDaniel Commitment—a series of opportunities guaranteed to all students—provides enhanced mentoring and coaching, and ensures every undergraduate student completes at least two meaningful experiential learning opportunities.

Students from the Writing for Nonprofit Organizations course visit with McDaniel College Board of Trustees member Mark Stuart, president and chief executive officer of The San Diego Foundation.

Writing for Nonprofit Organizations course allows students to gain real-world experiences

McDaniel College students participate in internships with local nonprofits as part of McDaniel College's Writing for Nonprofit Organizations course. The course strengthens the College's relationship with the Westminster community and gives students firsthand experience by having them complete accredited internships at local nonprofits.