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The unique academic opportunities offered at McDaniel are intentionally designed to get you out of the classroom to apply what you’ve learned to the real world.


You’ll connect theory and practice, gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation of your work. After you collaborate with faculty on meaningful research, complete internships, and study abroad, you’ll have the professional skills and knowledge you need to excel in your field.


Constantly climbing. Always exploring.

On the Hill, learning doesn’t end in the classroom. Because we’re dedicated to ensuring that every student is highly engaged in their education, the McDaniel Commitment guarantees that you’ll participate in at least two experiential learning opportunities that relate to your field and your interests. With access to a variety of programs like service learning, study abroad, credit-based internships, and independent studies, you won’t just learn about a subject — you’ll fully experience it.

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Become your Experience

Andy Baranauskas '16

Andy Baranauskas '17

For Andy Baranauskas, Political Science has always been his calling. Not only did he serve as the vice president of the Student Government Association, but he was among the inaugural group of students to participate in the National Model United Nations Conference in New York City. Now, he’s putting his Political Science major to good use, working as the legislative aide for Maryland state senator Justin Ready. 

PUT YOUR IDEAS TO THE TEST Innovation and Entrepreneurship Challenge Program in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Challenge, part of the Program in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, invites students from any major to develop and pitch business plans for an innovative solution to a real world problem. On the evening of the competition, pitches are judged by a panel of real-life entrepreneurs and students get the chance to win start-up cash for their business ideas.


McDaniel's prestigious Global Fellows Program is an academic and co-curricular opportunity. Through this opportunity, you'll deepen and broaden your understanding of global issues, develop heightened intercultural competency, and cultivate the skills and attitudes necessary to lead successful personal and professional lives in a global context. Global Fellows will help you navigate one of the most pressing challenges you'll face as a young professional: How do you succeed in a global workplace that respects the unique experiences of those you're working with?

REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE National Security Fellows Program

Cyber attacks. Pandemics. Hurricanes. Terrorism. Wildfires. Civil unrest. As threats to national security increasingly invade American lives, the need for professionals in every field with the knowledge and analytical skills to respond to these risks has never been greater. Paired with your major, McDaniel’s new National Security Fellows Program prepares you to meet this need head on, giving you an edge in a surging market of high-paying jobs in private corporations, non-profit organizations, and government agencies alike. 


study abroad

Enhance your experience. From the top of the Hill to the top of the world. EXPLORE SOMETHING YOU'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO DO.

You can’t beat life on the Hill, but we know that there’s life beyond it too. That’s why we offer our students a wide variety of study- abroad opportunities in over 50 countries. Whether you’re attending our Budapest campus, interning in Brussels, or studying in Zimbabwe, you’ll have every chance to cultivate your international understanding and become a true global citizen.

Take a January Term Abroad. These three weeks of study can take many different forms, but they all offer unique opportunities to learn more about yourself and the world around you. Whether you choose to study abroad in the Bahamas, complete an internship in Hollywood, or explore a new subject in a different kind of classroom, Jan Terms give you a chance to explore something you’ve always wanted to do. The cost of one Jan Term is already included in your tuition, but many students take advantage of this program multiple times while they’re on the Hill.

Where in the world?

Students, Will and Wade, at the Cliffs of Moher.

Will Giles and Wade Bishop,  both Communication majors and  study-abroad experts, may have set a McDaniel record — while studying at McDaniel Europe in Budapest, Hungary, they visited 14 countries and earned 16 credits each.

Research, publish, present, repeat.

Josh Irvin '20

During his summer-long research project, senior Josh Irvin dug through the National Archives and found a document that turned out to be a missing link in the history of the Tuscarora Indian nation and how they returned to the state of New York. His discovery landed him an invitation to present his findings at the Indian Woods reservation anniversary conference.

In every department, you’ll find options for participating in student-faculty research collaborations. Each year, students work with professors on over 300 research projects; they often have their names listed as co-authors on journal articles and present work at national and international conferences. Gaining serious research credibility as an undergraduate? That’s the kind of thing that happens on the Hill.

  • Chemistry majors Jake Holechek, Robert Lease, and Phuc Truong worked to develop a molecular medicine for cancer therapy that acts as a personalized drug Chemical Society conference.
  • After conducting research about the perceptions of mass murders committed by Muslims and Christians, psychology major Katie Keegan presented her groundbreaking findings at the Association for Psychological Science’s conference.
  • Three students from Professor Katie Staab’s Biology course—Courtney Bohn, Adelle Laniyan, and Riley Palmer—collaborated with faculty to perform research on the connective tissue in the jaws of several fish species, and reported their findings to the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology conference in New Orleans.
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Programs represented by Student-Faculty Research

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Student and faculty collaborative research projects

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Students participated in last summer's Student-Faculty Collaborative Summer Research Program.

Student-Faculty Collaborative Summer Research Program

Each summer, students interested in undergraduate research are selected to participate in the Student-Faculty Collaborative Summer Research Program. This 10-week research experiences places students in small research teams and supports them in conducting intensive research projects. Notably, students receive free housing and meals as well as a $1000 stipend over the duration of the program to ensure that personal economics don't prevent accepted students from participation.

View the 2020 Summer Research Videos

Undergraduate Research Opportunities at McDaniel