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Alumni Profiles

Senior Profiles We Are McDaniel Class of 2022

  • McDaniel College alumna Danielle Rowlett Tate '03

    Danielle Rowlett Tate ’03

    “I learned about mental toughness and that with enough tenacity — and a book — I can figure out anything.”
  • Students walking towards Hoover Library

    Dr. Sandra Geiman Ruby ’99

    “To say that Carroll County is privileged to have her is an understatement. If what she wanted was academic acclaim, there’s no question in my mind that she could have been successful at Hopkins, Yale or Harvard. But she saw a need, a very real need, and is very committed to our community.” Andrea Kirby Ormiston ’99, Dr. Ruby's best friend since 2nd grade
  • McDaniel College alumna Nicki Pesik '86 at CDC

    Dr. Nicki Pesik '86

    It was the most challenging public health experience I’ve ever head, but it was among the most rewarding.”
  • McDaniel College alumnus David Moskowitz '80

    David Moskowitz ’80

    “I believe calculated risks are important to personal and business growth.”
  • McDaniel College alumna Georgeann Morekas '78

    Georgeann Morekas ’78

    “I was a good student but I had to work hard at chemistry; the math was difficult for me. Once I took P-Chem (Physical Chemistry), I finally had my aha moment and realized what it all meant and why I was doing all these differential equations.”
  • McDaniel College mascot with Randy Day '77

    Randy Day ’77

    “I never thought seriously about a career in anything other than agriculture. I just like growing things.”