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A female student in a McDaniel College t-shirt poses with the Green Terror mascot while taking a photo on her phone.

The McDaniel College Bucket List

Everything you need to try during your time on the Hill.

How many will you complete before graduation?

  1. Take a photo with the Green Terror.
  2. Attend an SGA meeting and share your thoughts to better the student experience.
  3. Tailgate at Homecoming.
  4. Attend or present in the annual Academic Symposium
  5. Take a First Year Seminar.
  6. Nap in a hammock in front of Hoover Library or hang out in an Adirondack chair.
  7. Visit the Writing Center, STEM Center, and Center for Experience and Opportunity.
  8. Try an intramural sport.
  9. Eat late night breakfast in Glar during finals.
  10. Study abroad for a Jan Term or a fall/spring semester.
  11. Discover a duck or pumpkin during the annual Duck Hunt or Pumpkin Hunt.
  12. Make dean’s list.
  13. Visit an art exhibition at McDaniel's Esther Prangley Rice Gallery. 
  14. See the light display at Out Of Darkness: A Celebration of Light.
  15. Check out a book from Hoover Library.
  16. See a production in WMC Alumni Hall.
  17. Get quoted in The Free Press.
  18. Celebrate Glarsgiving before Thanksgiving break.
  19. Go sledding on the Hill.
  20. Study during the Long Night Against Procrastination.
  21. Find the hidden dragon.
  22. Volunteer at the McDaniel Environmental Center.
  23. Attend an alumni event as a student.
  24. Ring in and ring out.
  25. Sign up for a student club at the Involvement Fair.
  26. Learn the words of the alma mater.
  27. Sing at a karaoke night on campus.
  28. Follow @McDanielCollege on Instagram, tag the college in a photo.
  29. Go to Westminster Fallfest.
  30. Play a free game of golf or FootGolf.
  31. Participate in One Hill, One Day.
  32. Snap a photo under Ward Memorial Arch.
  33. Watch the sunset from the Hoover Library skybox.
  34. Try the Maryland crab soup at RockSalt Grille or Rafael’s.
  35. Grab a coffee and snack at JeannieBird Baking Company.
  36. Attend a Weekend Blitz.
  37. Enjoy a picnic at Harvey Stone Pavilion.
  38. Attend an innovation event at the Westminster branch of Carroll County Public Library.
  39. Get the high score in a Rec Lounge arcade game.
  40. Watch fireworks on the Hill.