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Students sitting at classroom desks during Estimathon.

Applied Mathematics

If you love math but also occasionally catch yourself wondering, “When we’ll we ever use this stuff?” then Applied Mathematics might be for you. Because it’s exactly what it sounds like—the “use” of all those abstract mathematical concepts in real-world contexts like finance, engineering, material science, epidemiology, and many more.

Degree Types
Complementary Programs
Distinctive Requirements
Graduate Program Opportunity
M.S. in Data Analytics

Speaking of applied… when we say that McDaniel Mathematics students get hands-on experience and close attention from their professors, we mean it. Here’s the proof (no pun intended): “Fractals and Recursively Stable Words,” “Sums of Cubes in Quaternion Rings,” and “Hausdorff Dimension of Generalized Fibonacci Word Fractals.” Those are the titles of recent research collaborations between Mathematics students and their professors.

Future Career Paths

Graduates of the Mathematics & Computer Science department distinguish themselves by acceptance into some of the finest graduate programs in the country, including:

  • Brandeis
  • Cornell
  • Harvard
  • Johns Hopkins
  • University of Maryland
  • University of Michigan
  • University of Virginia

Almost every graduate of our program is currently working in a professional position under the general titles like “mathematician,” “systems analyst,” “actuary,” and “statistician,” at places like:

  • the National Security Agency
  • the Pentagon
  • IBM
  • Hewlett Packard Corporation
  • NASA
  • the Department of Defense
  • actuarial firms

Distinctive Courses

MAT 2224 - Fundamentals of Mathematics

A transition course from the technical problem solving of the calculus courses to the rigorous theorem proving courses of advanced mathematics. Introductions to logic and set theory, including the algebra of sets, functions, and relations, with examples from number theory, analysis and abstract algebra.

MAT 4405 - Real Analysis I

A treatment of the theory of elementary calculus including functions limits, sequences, series, uniform continuity, derivatives and Riemann integration, topological properties of the real numbers.

MAT 4494 - Capstone Experience in Mathematics

A large-scale independent project combining mathematical knowledge, problem-solving ability, and presentation, writing, and research skills. Projects most often involve mathematical research similar to summer research topics - working on unsolved problems and interesting questions. Other possibilities include historical research, mathematical modeling, or mathematical pedagogy.

Senior Capstone

Matthew Welte, a Mathematics major from Berlin, NJ, examines how musical objects such as notes and chords can be translated into mathematical structure so that mathematical operations can be applied; effectively changing them from one note or chord to another.

Program Requirements

The McDaniel Commitment in Action

Spencer Hamblen

Professor Spotlight Spencer Hamblen Associate Professor and Department Chair

Professor Hamblen is the advisor to the Math Club and Kappa Mu Epsilon, the Mathematics Honor Society at McDaniel. He studies number theory, algebraic symmetry, and arithmetic dynamics. He also enjoys baking pecan pi and high-quality chalkboard chalk.