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Students sitting at classroom desks during Estimathon.

Mathematics & Computer Science Department


The Mathematics and Computer Science Department is dedicated to providing each Actuarial Science, Applied Mathematics, and Mathematics major with the highest level program that a student can manage, and providing individual help and attention to each student. To accomplish this, in addition to regular courses, advanced courses are offered for small numbers of students who will benefit from a particular subject.

The Mathematics programs are broad enough in scope that students taking the basic major in Mathematics or Applied Mathematics are provided the groundwork for a variety of careers, as well as having a thorough preparation for graduate study. Students also have the opportunity through the topics courses, the problem seminars, the independent studies courses, and electives to focus on individual needs and objectives.

Students sitting at classroom desks during Estimathon.

Students participate in the Estimathon in 2019.

Summer Research 2020

Each summer, students interested in undergraduate research are selected to participate in the Student-Faculty Collaborative Summer Research Program. This 10-week research experience places students in small research teams and supports them in conducting intensive research projects.

McDaniel College Computer Science student Shelton Wilson

Computer Science student among winners in national cybersecurity competition

Shelton Wilson's strong sense of logic and puzzle solving skills paid off when the senior Computer Science major was one of only 100 finalists among 13,000 contenders to solve nearly 300 cybersecurity challenges and win a $22,000 Cyber FastTrack scholarship.

Spencer Hamblen

Spencer Hamblen

I have been fascinated by mathematical puzzles for as long as I can remember (How can you cut a bagel into 13 pieces using only 3 cuts)? I supervise McDaniel's teams in various mathematics competitions, and lead trips to regional and national conferences every year to show students the wider world of mathematics.

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Dr. Benjamin Steinhurst

Department Chair