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Mathematics - Education Specialization

With endless possibilities, a Mathematics - Education degree can open doors to a rewarding and fulfilling career in teaching, research, and beyond. By specializing your Mathematics degree in Education, your courses will form a strong foundation that will assist with future careers related to education.

Degree Types
Major , Specialization
Complementary Programs
Distinctive Requirements

Why McDaniel for Mathematics Education?

The Mathematics - Education specialization degree at McDaniel College provides a diverse foundation in math topics, to prepare students for careers in mathematics, especially if you plan to pursue a graduate education in Mathematics that may involve teaching. Students will have the opportunity through the topics courses, the problem seminars, the independent studies courses, and electives to focus on individual needs and objectives.

Secondary Teacher Certification

This specialization does not include teacher certification, as the Education minors and majors do. Please see the Mathematics teacher certification requirements in our Academic Catalog: Education minor (secondary) for Mathematics major.

Special Opportunities

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Conference Experiences in Math Network with Professionals

During Jan Term (and practically any other time of the year), students attend conferences to showcase their original research and get the full experience of mingling with high-profile mathematicians. Mark your calendar for:

  • Jan Term Conference Experience in Mathematics 
  • Mathematics Association of America (MAA) conference / MathFest
  • Maryland Collegiate Honors Conference
  • And more!

Pictured: Students attended the Joint Mathematics Meetings in January 2023, the largest mathematics conference in the world.

Professor announcing winner at Estimathon.

Student-Faculty Research in Math Maximize Your Summers

The annual Student-Faculty Collaborative Summer Research Program gives students an opportunity to work on a unique project with peers and faculty mentors. Previous Mathematics research projects include:

  • Generalizations of Waring's Problem with Professor Spencer Hamblen

  • Sign Language Recognition and Translation using Machine Learning with Associate Professor Paul Lin

  • Applications of Entropy to Gerrymandering with Lecturer Jonathan Epstein

  • Hierarchies in Fibonacci Word Fractals with Associate Professor Benjamin Steinhurst

Distinctive Courses in Math Education

MAT 2224 - Fundamentals of Mathematics

A transition course from the technical problem solving of the calculus courses to the rigorous theorem proving courses of advanced mathematics. Introductions to logic and set theory, including the algebra of sets, functions, and relations, with examples from number theory, analysis and abstract algebra.

CSC 1106 - The Art of Programming

An introduction to the use of algorithms for problem solving. The course will focus on finding algorithmic solutions for a given problem and expressing these solutions in a programming language. This course includes a laboratory.

MAT 2240 - Stats Inference & Simulation

An introduction to statistical inference, probability distributions, simulations, and modeling via independent study. Open only to Mathematics majors who are completing the Education minor.

Mathematic - Education Specialization Program Requirements

McDaniel Commitment in Action

The McDaniel Commitment—a series of opportunities guaranteed to all students—provides enhanced mentoring and coaching, and ensures every undergraduate student completes at least two meaningful experiential learning opportunities.

A group of students plays Tripoley in a classroom. The professor points at the board.

First-year students discover unseen math in puzzles and games

From cards to board games, you can find math in surprising places, as students in the First Year Seminar Unseen Math in Puzzles and Games are learning from Senior Lecturer of Mathematics Michele Gribben '87. The interdisciplinary course is one of many First Year Seminars that introduce the newest Green Terrors to academics and resources at McDaniel.