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Students sitting outside of Budapest campus.

McDaniel Budapest: Crossroads of Europe, Crossroads of the World

Where "global" becomes "local."

Discover Where East Meets West

Through the Crossroads program, you'll experience a special set of classes and experiential learning opportunities.

Highlights include:

  • Internships and volunteer opportunities at organizations, such as Migrants' Help
  • Study tours, including Austria, Croatia, and the Czech Republic
  • Class field-trips, to places like the acclaimed wine region of Hungary
  • World-class faculty from around the world
  • Highly engaged peer mentors

Students may take two or three of the Crossroads classes offered each semester, and pick additional classes to round out their study experience.

Ignite Your Curiosity Discover the Options Expand Your Worldview

Transportation in Budapest.

Fall Crossroads


  • Illusory Frontiers: Changing Political, Cultural, and Mental Borders in the Heart of Europe in the Modern Era. Study the shifting political, cultural, and mental borders in all of the lands that lie between Germany and Russia, where East meets West, North meets South, and global history has been transformed for hundreds of years – right up to present day.
  • Garden to Table: Food, History, and Culture in Central Europe. Central Europe's unique food and beverage offerings are experiencing renewed interest locally and globally, as discerning locals and rising numbers of visitors seek out one-of-a-kind products and experiences
  • On the Move: Migration and Security in Europe. This course explores possibly the most pressing issue in Europe and in many parts of the world today, with a multi-disciplinary approach that focuses on the economic, social, cultural, ethical, security, and policy ramifications of the international movements of people.


    Students in Prague.

    Spring Crossroads


    • Scar Tissue: The Literature of Historical Trauma. This course explores the intersections of history and literature, focusing on the literary representations of traumatic, repressed or controversial historical events. 
    • Paths of Innovation: Freud, Kafka, Bartok, and Central Europe. You will examine the worlds and works of intellectual and artistic giants inside and outside of the classroom through visits to local spaces like art galleries, a folk dance house, and concerts, and a five-day travel experience to Vienna and Prague.
    • Garden to Table: Food, History, and Culture in Central Europe


      Budapest city nightlife scene.

      Special Cultural Activities

      As part of the Crossroad's classes, students go beyond the classroom to experience subjects firsthand.  Locations vary by class, but include the following destinations: