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Alumni Profiles

Senior Profiles We Are McDaniel Class of 2022

  • Alumna Caitlin Eversmier '18 in a grassy field.

    Caitlin Eversmier ’18

    “Something that I really took away from McDaniel was that environmental education is so important. And if people don’t know about an environmental issue, how can they care about it?"
  • Senator Ron Young

    Ronald N. Young M.Ed. ’70

    “College is the beginning of a lifelong learning experience. It is the key that, if used properly, opens a world of learning and experiences.”
  • Alumna Sharon Love and daughter and Yeardley standing together.

    Sharon Love M.S. ’76

    “My teaching background helped me realize how much of an asset relatability is in this work. We didn’t want people to run away from this difficult topic, so we had to make it palatable, relatable, and accessible. We wanted the foundation to be a positive source of information and inspire positive changes in people’s lives."
  • Alumni Jessica Watson in front of street art in Valencia, Spain.

    Jessica Watson ’05

    “One of the cool things about a McDaniel education is that it pushes you to explore what interests you."
  • Alumni Treyana Johnson standing in her OCME lab coat.

    Treyana Johnson ’20

    “I beat all odds stacked against a Black woman from Baltimore. Who would’ve known the freshman year version of me would have made it this far? I literally say my dreams became my reality.”
  • Mike McKelvin in front of the sign for 1623 Brewing.

    Mike McKelvin ’88

    "McDaniel was the framework to start building something bigger, better all the time. It was way later in life that I realized how much it helped me and how those little bits and pieces that I thought were insignificant weren’t."
  • Ashley Day-Gibbs with Women Leading Baltimore’s event Power of a Woman. Photo by Jermaine Gibbs

    Ashley Day-Gibbs ’12

    “McDaniel was a small glimpse of life after college, specifically within politics, as a Black female. While I was in the minority demographically, I never felt forced to be anything other than who I was.”
  • Erin Herbert Disney Ravens

    Erin Herbert ’06 Disney

    “McDaniel College was my training camp for real life. I was able to learn and develop the skills I needed to be successful in my dream career, even before I knew it was my dream.”
  • Aaron Slaughter '10

    Aaron Slaughter ’10

    “The ability to connect and find common ground with just about anyone is a skill that I honed during my time at McDaniel, and it pays dividends to this day.”
  • Ellen Larsen '10 in front of a bonfire

    Ellen Larson ’10

    “The point of a liberal arts curriculum is to expose you to new opportunities, open you up to different viewpoints, and explore different ways of thinking. This has helped me become an effective, inclusive leader who focuses on building community in the workplace.”