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John Baugher M.S. '06

Master's in Educational Leadership, class of 2006

Britt and Lauren Burr

Britt Burr '11

Psychology/Theatre, class of 2011

Nicole Rutherford ’16 teaches the deadlift as a platform coach at the L.A. Starting Strength seminar.

Nicole Rutherford, '16

Business Administration/Exercise Science double major, class of 2016

Haley Jacobs ’17, physician assistant at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore.

Haley Jacobs, '17

Kinesiology, class of 2017

761st Battalion

Paul Bates '31

Economics, class of 1931

Vic McTeer '69 at the McTeer-Zepp fountain at McDaniel College

Victor McTeer '69

Political Science, class of 1969

McDaniel College mascot with Randy Day '77

Randy Day '77

Biology, class of 1977

McDaniel College alumna Nicki Pesik '86 at CDC

Dr. Nicki Pesik '86

Biology, class of 1986

McDaniel College alumna Georgeann Morekas '78

Georgeann Morekas '78

Chemistry, class of 1978

McDaniel College alumnus David Moskowitz '80

David Moskowitz '80

Political Science/English, class of 1980