Reason 1 The McDaniel Plan Reason 2 Jan Term Reason 3 Campus in Europe Reason 4 Money Magazine ranks us a best college Reason 5  One of 40 colleges that changes lives Reason 6 community in action Reason 7 Great Minds Come Together Reason 8 Winning big in the centennial conference Reason 9 Drive in tailgating unique to McDaniel Reason 10 Their is no place like the Hill

At McDaniel, we take the anxiety out of admissions by working with you personally from the moment you show interest in us. You will have your own counselor to help plan your campus visit and apply for admission, scholarships, and financial aid. Think of us as your best resource. Helping you make a good college choice is our priority.

See us for yourself.

Admissions picture of a cheerleader at McDaniel
Recognition That Matters