Graduate Specialist in Aging

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The Specialist in Aging Graduate Certificate allows students to examine aging from a bio-psycho social perspective. It is designed to be an interdisciplinary field of study concerned with the physical, mental, and social aspects of life and aging. The program provides a knowledge base in human aging for those whose work or personal responsibilities include contact or working with aging adults.

The certificate program requires 18 semester hours: 12 semester hours are core courses in gerontology, and the remaining six semester hours can be selected from any electives related to your area of professional/personal interest.

Key Features of the Specialist in Aging Graduate Certificate program include:

• Complete all six courses in a face-to-face, online or a hybrid format—combining both methods.

• Transfer the 18 credits in this certificate to the M.S. in Gerontology.

• Tailor the program to your interests or career goals through electives.

• Social workers in PA and MD, and psychologists in PA, can earn CEUs.

Why McDaniel

• Small class size and individual attention from professors.
• Offers convenient schedules to fit your busy schedule.
• Highly competitive tuition.

Admissions Requirements

• Completed application for graduate study

• Submit the non-refundable application fee

• Official transcripts verifying completion of an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university. No minimum GPA required.

Certificate Requirements

• Successfully complete all six courses in the program with a “B” or better.


Diane Martin, Ph.D., Director

Diane Martin, Ph.D., Director
The Center for the Study of Aging
Program Coordinator, Gerontology

Career Opportunities for Graduates

Completers of the Specialist in Aging Graduate Certificate can obtain managerial and administrative roles in the following industries and organizations:

• Community, human services and religious organizations

• Healthcare and long-term care institutions

• Local, state and federal agencies

• Retirement communities

• Academic and educational institutions

• Aging research institutions

• Business and industry

Important Dates

Applications are accepted and processed throughout the year but the College recommends that students submit their applications and supporting materials well in advance of the start of the semester in which they plan to enroll.

Recommended Application Filing Dates:
Fall Semester – by or before August 1
Spring Semester - by or before December 15
Summer Session - by or before May 1

These filing dates are after the opening of registration for those semesters so students wishing to have the greatest choice of courses should submit their applications earlier.

Note: Cohort courses and deadlines are subject to alternate schedules. Please contact the program for alternate dates.


1. Is this program offered 100% online?
Yes, we do have a version of the program that can be taken totally online.

2. Can I mix online and face-to-face classes?
Yes, please be sure to let your advisor know that you are planning to take courses both ways.

3. I started the program online (or) face-to-face. Can I switch to the other version of the program?
Yes, please be sure to consult with your advisor before doing so.