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The McDaniel Commitment and More

A champion of both the liberal arts and McDaniel’s student-centered mission, Dr. Jasken has overseen many of the college’s most important strategic initiatives that created opportunity for McDaniel’s past two years of record enrollments. Dr. Jasken developed, and then served as director of, the Center for Experience & Opportunity, the college’s one-stop shop for experiential education and career development for McDaniel students and alumni. While serving as the McDaniel’s first associate provost, she collaboratively built the college’s first cross-divisional entrepreneurship program.

Dr. Jasken envisioned and designed the college’s signature McDaniel Commitment, which emphasizes experiential learning and alumni connections, and guarantees that every student, guided by a team of mentors, can construct and tailor their personal educational path. With Dr. Jasken at the academic helm, McDaniel launched 10 new career-oriented majors and chartered professional pathways for students through agreements with graduate schools and community colleges as well as McDaniel’s own five-year bachelor’s-to-master’s programs.

The McTeer-Zepp Plaza sits at the heart of McDaniel’s campus, named for prominent Civil Rights attorney Victor McTeer '69, one of the College’s first African-American graduates, and Ira Zepp '52, Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

President Jasken leads the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Administrative Team, the group of campus leaders who are responsible for advancing the recommendations of the college’s DEI Advisory Group as part of the college's diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. In addition, President Jasken oversaw the development of the college’s first Diversity, Equity and Inclusion statement that was unanimously endorsed by the Board of Trustees. President Jasken is committed to ensuring racial and social justice for all members of our community.  

Students present at the Innovation Challenge.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

President Jasken collaboratively built the college’s first cross-divisional entrepreneurship program and believes that entrepreneurship and innovation help our students develop essential skills that will help them throughout life.  

National Security Fellows students attend the 5th annual conference on the muslim world in Indonesia

Academic Program Development

President Jasken oversaw departmental development of ten new majors within a six-month timeframe: Actuarial Science, Applied Mathematics, American Sign Language, Biochemistry, Biomedical Science, Criminal Justice, Writing and Publishing, Health Sciences, International Business and Marketing. She also oversaw the establishment of the College’s first National Security Fellows Program. 

Student learning through a STEM activity.

Student Success Initiatives

With a strong focus on graduation and completion for all students, President Jasken led the establishment of the College’s first standing committee for student success and spearheaded the launch of the college’s first STEM Learning Center, which centralizes the college’s academic tutoring. 

The Arch in Spring.

Reaching New Heights Strategic Planning McDaniel College Strategic Plan 2022-2027

“Reaching New Heights: McDaniel College Strategic Plan 2022-2027” shapes McDaniel’s future by guiding the direction, priorities, and investments for the college. 

Work on the strategic plan began in Fall 2021 with the formation of a Strategic Planning Steering Committee, comprised of 30 representatives of the administration, faculty, staff, alumni, and undergraduate and graduate students, and led by President Julia Jasken.  The steering committee developed the plan with input from McDaniel’s wider community, including staff, faculty, students, alumni, family members, and community partners, through surveys, small group discussions, and larger open forums. The plan was approved by the Board of Trustees in October 2022.

Students at Singleton Matthews Farm.

McDaniel Environmental Center (MEC)

The McDaniel Environmental Center provides opportunities for all students to better understand their place in the natural world and to apply their skills as they consider the impact of humans on our environment. Continuing to expand opportunities at the MEC will benefit students, faculty and our community.