Financial Aid Process

It All Adds Up

The Financial Aid Office is committed to providing financial resources to students who would otherwise be unable to attend McDaniel College, while ensuring that the principles of fairness and equity are upheld. The office assists students and families with understanding, navigating, and successfully completing the process of securing educational funding to attend McDaniel.

The Financial Aid Office is here to serve you, the student. We realize that as a graduate student you probably have many things going on in your life including jobs and families. You may be starting your master’s degree immediately following getting your bachelor’s degree, or you may have been working for several years and desire and/or need are dictating your return to the academic world.

Whatever your situation, if you are concerned about the expense of graduate school, let us help. Please review this website to assist you with questions related to all forms of Financial Aid. We like to work with students on an individual basis to ensure your needs are met.