Directions for Move-In Day

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8:00 AM TO 1:00 PM – RESIDENTS

The Department of Campus Safety will do its part to ease traffic tie-ups on move-in day and we ask for your help and cooperation with the instructions below. We rarely have waits of more than an hour, and once in the designated unloading areas you will have lots of help unloading. All you need to do is follow a few instructions.

Approach to campus: The College has several vehicle entrances. Use only the ones specified below. If you are using a GPS enabled device, please use 256 West Main Street, Westminster, MD as the address.

Approaching the campus from the east on Maryland route (MD) 140 westbound

  1. Turn left from MD 140 west onto MD 31 west at the traffic light.
  2. Turn left again onto MD 32 (West Main Street).
  3. Proceed up the hill and turn left onto the campus at the first legal left driveway (look for signs for Move In).

Approaching the campus from the west on MD 140 eastbound

  1. Turn right onto MD 32 (West Main Street).
  2. Proceed up the hill and turn left onto the campus at the first legal left driveway (look for signs for Move In).

Approaching the campus from the south on MD 27, or from the North on MD 97

  1. Follow signage toward Westminster.
  2. Exit MD 27 onto MD 140 west.
  3. Once on MD 140 follow the above directions.

Resident Student Key Pick Up:

  1. Once on campus, keep to the right at the fork (do not head down towards Kenneth R. Gill Stadium).
  2. You will see signage directing you to keep to the right and stay inside the line of cones.
  3. **NOTE: Transfer Students assigned to ANW will be directed to a seperate unloading zone. **
  4. Throughout the queue, keep as far as possible to the right and as close as you can to the car in front of you.
  5. While waiting in line (if more than one person is in the car) all students should proceed to the front entrance of the Gill Gymnasium.
  6. Resident students will check in at the front of Gill Gymnasium and receive residence hall keys.
  7. Students should then return to their cars and proceed to their residence halls.
  8. If congestion is a problem, you’ll be asked to wait in your car in line until we can move you to the unloading zone in front of each residence hall.
  9. Remember to keep to the right of roadways while waiting. This keeps your place in the line and facilitates vehicles exiting the unloading zones.
  10. Someone must remain with the car at all times.
  11. When your car arrives at the designated unloading areas, McDaniel students and staff will help you unload your belongings and bring them to your residence hall room.
  12. After your car is unloaded, you will be directed to the closest convenient parking area.

Finally, it’s never too early to be prepared. Print this letter out now and put it in the glovebox in the car you will be using to move to campus. This way you have it tucked away for use in a few short weeks

Congratulations on your choice of McDaniel College. We hope to make your move-in day as easy as possible. If you have special needs with which we can help, please call me at (410) 857-2202.

Best of luck!
Chief Eric Immler
Director of Campus Safety

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