First Year Advising & Class Registration

A class of first-year students being advised by a professor. illustration

Advising, choosing classes and connecting to a faculty member at McDaniel are important pieces of your first year on the Hill!

In the first year at McDaniel, every new student will have a faculty advisor. First Year Students are linked to advisors who also teach their First Year Seminar (FYS) course. Please note that FYS courses change every year, this site lists a sample of the courses that have been offered in the past. New transfer students are linked to an advisor in the major and/or minor department. Advising relationships are an important part of the first year and a great support system for new students. The advisor can help you to “get to know” McDaniel and help to connect you to resources if you need support in your first year.

So what is advising (for those of you who are new to college)? The process of “advising” at the college level means that you will discuss with your advisor the general education courses required for the college (The McDaniel Plan), review the results of your placement exams in English, Math and Second Language and then choose the most appropriate classes for you to take for that semester.

The following outlines general procedures for the advising process. Please see the First Year Student Checklist or the Transfer Student Checklist for specific details and dates for your process.

For First Year Students, you will receive the name of your FYS course and advisor following your submission of the “FYS Selection/Rating Form” (Please fill out this form ASAP after your deposit to admissions) which you can find only in the checklist. All new first-year students must fill out the “FYS Selection/Rating Form” in order to be assigned a course and advisor. Please only use the link provided in the first-year student checklist to insure you are completing the correct form.

Once assigned, you will receive the information on who your advisor is and which FYS course you are assigned to in your McDaniel email account. Please check this account daily.

For transfer students, once you confirm your major with the First Stop Office (410-857-2790 or the college will assign you an advisor in your major department.

The next step will be to contact your advisor by email or phone and set up a time to meet by phone, email or in person. It is important that you contact your advisor as soon as possible so you do not fall behind in the process of advising and class registration. Classes fill very quickly so you do not want to miss any of this process.

Before you have your advising appointment, it is important to do the following:

  • Review the online course catalog. The catalog has all the courses, requirements and academic policies of the college.
  • Log into The Archway and click on “Test Summary” to review the results of your placement exams. You can use the links on the left hand side menu in Blackboard to see “what my scores mean” and the math and second language placement charts.

During your advising appointment (can occur by phone, in person, via Skype or FaceTime, etc.) you will choose classes with the help of your advisor that you will register for the upcoming semester. Please make sure you are proactive and contact your advisor for advising. Your advisor must give his/her consent (clearance) before you will be able to register for classes. When you are done with advising then you will register for your classes online.

Registration occurs at McDaniel ONLINE in our student system called the “Archway”. You will be assigned a time and can find that time in the student menu of the Archway under “Authorizations and Restrictions”. You can register at your time and any time after. The sooner you register the better so you have the best chance of getting 1st choices of classes.

When you are done with advising then you will register for your classes online. Please watch the following tutorial video before you register so you know how to use The Archway.

When you are ready log onto The Archway with your McDaniel username and password and register for your Fall classes. For first-year students, you will already have one course (FYS) registered for you or, if a transfer, your will already have TSS (Transfer Student Seminar) scheduled. A full course load is four 4-credit academic classes (16 credits). Students should take 16 credits per semester to stay on track for a 4-year graduation.

Please remember to remain calm! Classes can be changed, added or dropped through the first week of the new semester.

If you have questions or get stuck call or email your advisor, they are available to help you complete this process and ease your overall transition to McDaniel.