First Year Advising & Class Registration

A class of first-year students being advised by a professor. illustration

Advising, choosing classes and connecting to a faculty member at McDaniel are important pieces of your first year on the Hill!

In the first year at McDaniel, every new student will have a faculty advisor. New students are linked to an advisor in the major and/or minor department. Advising relationships are an important part of the first year and a great support system for new students. The advisor can help you to “get to know” McDaniel and help to connect you to resources if you need support in your first year.

Advising Process

The following outlines general procedures for the advising process:

  • All first-time college students will register furing the mandatory McDaniel Local summer program.
  • Because McDaniel Local is optional for transfer students, transfer students will register outside the McDaniel Local experience. Once you deposit with Admissions, your major will be shared with the First Stop Office (410-857-2790 or The First Stop Office will contact you with the name of your advisor in your major department.
  • The next step will be to contact your advisor by email or phone and set up a time to meet by phone, email or in person. It is important that you contact your advisor as soon as possible so you do not fall behind in the process of advising and class registration. Classes fill very quickly so you do not want to miss any of this process.
  • Registration for transfer students will open on June 25 at 8:30 am.

Important Next Steps for Transfer Students

Before you have your advising appointment, it is important to do the following:

  1. Check out the McDaniel Plan online so you have an intro understanding of the College's general education and opportunities!
  2. Connect with your advisor (the info will be sent to your McDaniel account on how to find that out) and ask them when and how you will connect for your advising meeting (phone, email, Skype, in person, etc.)
  3. Prepare a list of questions you have for your advisors about placement exam results, classes, major, minor, etc.

During your advising appointment, you can expect the following:

  1. Your advisor will review the McDaniel Plan requirements with you so you know what to expect.
  2. Your advisor will review your placement exam results with you so you know which courses to take in the Fall and/or in the future
  3. Your advisor will talk with you about which classes will best fit your interests (and requirements) for the Fall semester, 2018!
  4. When your advising meeting is over, your advisor will “CLEAR” you to register for classes. You must have your advising meeting and clearance before you are permitted to register for classes.

After your advising appointment:

  1. When you are done with advising then you will register for your classes online:
  2. Watch the tutorial videos on how to use McDaniel’s Student Planning system to prepare and register for classes.

Please remember to remain calm! Classes can be changed, added or dropped through the first week of the new semester.

If you have questions or get stuck call or email your advisor, they are available to help you complete this process and ease your overall transition to McDaniel.