First Year Seminar (FYS) and Transfer Student Seminar (TSS) Program

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First Year Seminars and Transfer Student Seminars are innovative topical and thematic courses on a range of subjects suitable for first-year students that provide an introduction to the liberal arts and an academic transition to college. They seek to excite students intellectually and engage them as scholars. In addition to offering a rigorous academic content, First Year Seminars focus on fundamental skills that are necessary for academic success: critical thinking, effective writing, analytic reading, and oral communication.

FYS and the FYS Rating Form (link below) is required for all new FY students, transfers are highly encouraged to enroll in TSS, a 4-credit course designed just for you counting also (pending McDaniel plan course tag) as a McDaniel Plan graduation requirement.

The professor of the FYS course is also the student’s advisor (for FY students only) until the student declares a major.

Watch this video highlighting the FYS Program »

FIRST-YEAR STUDENTS ONLY! Rate your interest here for this year’s FYS courses!