Getting acquainted with your IT resources

Now that you’ve activated your McDaniel account, the McDaniel IT Help Desk encourages you to log in to MyMcDaniel Portal.  From the portal, you will gain access to valuable resources including self-service features that will help you get ahead with your technology needs. 

Access your IT resources from the McDaniel IT portal

  1. Go to MyMcDaniel portal and log in with your McDaniel username and password.
  2. Click the Menu button on the upper left hand corner of your screen and select Student Resources from the fly out menu.
  3. From the Student Resources, select Information Technology. From here, click the corresponding bullet items to:
  • Pre-register your device(s) requiring network connectivity such as game consoles, printers, and smart TVs.
  • Submit your Photo for ID 

Prepare your personal computer before you arrive on campus

  • Make sure that your computer has antivirus software with latest virus definitions and updates.
  • Install critical security updates available for your computer’s operating system.
  • Download the Microsoft Office Suite that comes free with your Office 365 account.
  • If you want to install and configure Outlook on your Windows or Mac computer (you don’t have to if you prefer the web version), go to the McDaniel IT portal and follow the step by step instructions provided on the following links:

What kind of computer should you bring?

Most students on campus choose to bring a laptop for convenience and portability.  You may bring a Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chrome OS (operating system) based computer.  If you bring a Windows computer, it must at least be able to run Windows 7 or newer Windows OS. If you bring a Mac, it must run Mac OS 10.7 or above.  Your computer should have at least 8 GB of memory (RAM) to be able to effectively run any of the operating systems mentioned along with any applications you use for educational purposes.  

Student Discounts?

You may take advantage of student discounts offered by Dell and Apple by going to the following links: