Math Placement Exam Review Materials

The First Year Team has compiled the following resources to help you with taking the Math Placement Tests. Download this .ZIP file to have access to almost thirty .pdfs on a wide variety of topics. For additional help, please use the following websites:

IXL Math website - click on the topic(s) you would like to practice; if incorrect, they then give you feedback about what you did incorrectly. You can do about 20 problems a day for free. has "lesson videos" you can watch if you don't remember how to do some of these concepts. Go to: then click on "students" (purple button at the bottom) and then click on the "Quick Code" tab. Enter the codes below for each of the following topics:

  • Fractional Exponents: LZ2538
  • Radicals & rational exponents: LZ2932
  • Solving for variables with rational (fractional) exponents: LZ2816
  • Perform operations with rational exponents: LZ2607
  • Solve equations with rational exponents: LZ2887
  • Graphing Functions: LZ2532
  • Linear Functions: LZ2384
  • Solving Quadratic Equations (by finding the zeros): LZ3436
  • Simplifying Polynomial Expressions: LZ3043
  • Simplifying Polynomial Expressions by factoring: LZ2991