Non-Departmental Offices

Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs oversees the Academic Affairs Division of the College, which includes the following offices, departments and programs: Undergraduate Academic Programs, Center for Faculty Excellence, Academic & Government Grants, Graduate and Professional Studies, Hoover Library, Information Technology, Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs, Registrar's Office, Student Academic Support Services, Center for Community Outreach & Service. The main Academic Affairs office can be reached at 410-857-2279.

Bursars Office or Student Billing

Located in Elderdice Hall next to Financial Aid and the Registrar's Office, provide a variety of financial services to our students, staff, and departments. This office can be reached at 410-857-2209.

Tuition accounts are billed per semester, fall and spring. Please note the due date and if the account becomes past due the balance is subject to a late fee.

The Office of Student Diversity & Inclusion

The Office of Student Diversity & Inclusion, functions under the administration of the Provost and the Office of Academic Affairs. The mission of this office is to provide visible leadership and direction for the College’s efforts on behalf of diversity and multiculturalism; offer programs and provide guidance and assistance, both academic and non-academic, to underrepresented students; support and coordinate student groups that serve the needs of diverse student populations; develop programs and services to promote diversity awareness and understanding within the larger campus community; and be a resource to students, faculty and staff in their efforts on behalf of diversity and multiculturalism.

Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs strives to integrate our students' educational experiences into a campus community filled with opportunities, challenges, and services that promote their development as a total person. The Division of Student Affairs is comprised of seven departments: Residence Life, Student Engagement, Food Services, Student Conduct, Campus Safety, and the Wellness Center.  Each of our departments has a dedicated staff of professionals whose only focus is the success of each and every McDaniel College student. The main Student Affairs office can be reached at 410-857-2240.

Registrar’s Office 

The Registrar’s Office is the main office of student records at the College. This office coordinates registration, class scheduling, midterm and final grades, transcripts, and a variety of different activities associated with student records. They are located in Elderdice Hall and can be reached at 410-857-2755.

Student Outreach Network Team (SON Team)

The Student Outreach Network (SON) was officially implemented in early February 2007. Each week the SON group gathers to share and discuss students who are demonstrating various signs of “at-risk” behavior. As each student is discussed, members of the group provide up-to-date knowledge which includes, but not limited to, academic performance, out-of-classroom involvement, disciplinary issues, and information gathered from faculty, coaches, family and friends. With key “players” at the table, discussion ensues to develop an appropriate plan of action. From week to week, staff and faculty members are involved in this plan of action through direct and indirect intervention of each student.