Printing for Students in Computer Labs

Students are NOT required to bring their own printers. Every student has access to the library, which has multiple printers and computers that can be used to print assignments. There are a number of other labs around campus, as well, that students have access to.

Every semester, students are given a $20.00 balance specifically for printing. (This is about 400 pages). Students can add money to their account using their McDaniel 1Card.


Black and White: 5₵ per page
Color: 30₵ per page

To access PaperCut use OR  log into the McDaniel Portal and use the Quick Links (center column of page) and click on “Print Services.”

Adding Money:

  • Sign in to PaperCut™ using your McDaniel College username without “”.
  • Click on 'Add Credit' on the left--hand menu.
  • Double--check Information (such as Card Number).
  • Select the amount of money you want to add from the drop--down menu.
  • Click 'Add Value' -­‐ Make sure the selected amount is less than or equal to available funds on your McDaniel 1Card.

Refund Requests:

  • Sign in to PaperCut™ using your McDaniel College username (abc123) without ''.
  • Click on 'Recent Print Jobs' on the left--hand menu.
  • Select 'Full Amount' or 'Partial' (regarding the cost of number of pages with a technical error).
  • You MUST provide a reason! These are subject to approval.


  • Printing of large PDF files and PowerPoint presentations will take time for queuing. Please be patient and do NOT enter your print job multiple times.
  • You can add additional funds to your PaperCut™ account online via your McDaniel 1Card following the instructions above.
  • Do not purchase more than you think you will use by semester’s end. Excess purchased pages can NOT be carried over or refunded.