Housing Policy

Any time a student changes his or her housing status, the student must inform the Financial Aid Office of the change by filling out a Housing Update Form.

If a student makes the decision to change their housing status, their Cost of Attendance and McDaniel Grant will be recalculated. As the result of the change in the cost of attendance, the following revisions could be made:

  • A student who was awarded McDaniel Grant will have the grant reduced if a student changes his housing status from a resident to a commuter.

    If a student who originally planned to commute will decide to live on-campus, the student may request an upward adjustment in grant assistance. The Financial Aid Office will attempt to meet these requests, based on the availability of funds.

  • Students with federal or private loans might have their loans reduced.

It is strongly suggested that students meet with Financial Aid Staff prior to finalizing changes to housing arrangements.