McDaniel 1Card Tuition Account Transfer Policy

McDaniel College offers students the option to request book advance funds. Bookstore advances are based on enrollment status and the amount of excess aid expected; this means that once the student’s tuition, room/board, and fees have been paid, then the excess can be used to buy books from the College's bookstore. For example, if your bill is $14,000 and you are receiving $14,500 in financial aid, we may be able to grant you a book advance for up to $500 depending on student type and credits:

Full-time Students - $600
Undergraduate 12+ credits
Graduate 9+ credits

Part-time Students - $50 per credit
Undergraduate less than 12 credits
Graduate less than 9 credits

Please note the following in order to request a book advance:

  • Obtain a McDaniel 1Card Tuition Account Transfer form from the Bursar’s Office.
  • Student must be matriculated and registered for classes.
  • All requested documents must have been submitted to the Financial Aid Office. 
  • There can be no outstanding balance.
  • Book advances are only given for fall and spring semesters with limited exceptions for summer: Pell-eligible students whose federal aid will result in a credit balance. There are no Bookstore Advances for JanTerm, but the JanTerm credits and charges are considered part of the spring semester.
  • You can only request one book advance per semester.
  • Book advances may be requested 1 week prior to the start of the classes.
  • Book advances are not available once a refund has been initiated for your account.
  • Contact the McDaniel Bursar Office at 410-857-2209 if you have questions about whether or not you are eligible for a book advance.