Updating Your Information

The aid awarded to you was based on your financial circumstances, enrollment plans, and satisfactory academic progress status as originally reported. If you receive additional aid or if your circumstances change, the Financial Aid Office may be required to make award adjustments. Because of this, you are required to report the following:

  • Any additional financial aid (scholarships, grants, and loans; tuition reimbursements and any other educational or tuition assistance) not listed on your award letter. Students receiving additional financial aid not listed on the award letter must complete and return the Notification of External Scholarship Form to the Financial Aid Office.
  • A change in your enrollment status for the current semester or for future semester.
  • A change from living with a parent or relative to living in a College residence hall or off-campus housing, or the reverse (change in housing status for the current or future semester).
  • Withdrawal from the College prior to the first day of the term.
  • Withdrawal from the College  during the semester.
  • If you stop attending all courses.

You may use one of our forms to provide this information or contact us via email.