Reason #1 – The McDaniel Plan: As Flexible and Personal as YOU!

Why McDaniel? Reason #1 - The McDaniel Plan. Students work closely with professors.  illustration

The McDaniel Plan is your hands-on, customized and personal curriculum. It’s grounded in the liberal arts and sciences and delivered in small classes by expert faculty whose first priority is teaching. You’ll be challenged and inspired while enjoying flexibility so you can choose courses — even self-design majors — that fuel your ambitions.

You begin with the First-Year Seminar, a class of just 15 students that will introduce you to all that college has to offer, and the professor who will serve as your advisor all year. These innovative courses, with titles like Holy Cow! The Bull in Art, Drugs and the Mind, and Baseball: America’s Favorite Game, introduce you to what academic life will be like and helps ease the transition between high school and college.

Your Sophomore Interdisciplinary Studies (SIS) course examines issues, topics or sets of questions that are best understood when they are explored from multiple disciplines. Professors team together to teach a variety of interesting SIS such as September 11 and Its Aftermath, Madness, Genius and Creativity, and South Park and Contemporary Issues. The SIS broadens students’ campus experience by exposing them to professors and other students outside of their chosen majors.

By your third year, you will have selected at least one major, if not more. Your Junior Writing Experience will serve as a springboard into your profession and in to your senior year when you immerse in a Capstone project in your major. Across all disciplines, students top off their educations with original work in their field—and use this experience as a passport to both career and graduate school.


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