Reason #3 – A Campus in Europe

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McDaniel Europe, our branch campus in Budapest, Hungary, offers unparalleled opportunities to study abroad while exploring the European Continent, collaborate with international students and participate in guided field trips to Hungarian and European cities as a regular part of the program. All courses at the Budapest campus are taught in English and financial aid and scholarship funds travel with you.

This capital city of more than 2 million people is an ideal scene for international study and travel. Cinemas, theaters playing in English, cafes, festivals, sports events, and lively nightspots—all at reasonable prices—make the city attractive for students. The city is easily accessible by taxi, subway, bus, and foot. The Danube flows through the heart of the city, dividing its two principal areas: residential and historic Buda on the hilly western bank; Pest, the site of governmental, commercial, and cultural institutions, on the eastern bank.

McDaniel’s facilities blend old world architecture with the demands of the modern classroom. From film nights to basketball to day-long outings, McDaniel Europe students have a wide range of social activities from which to choose. Student housing is within walking distance of many shops, restaurants and parks. From club music to world-class museums to hiking in the Buda hills, there is always something happening on the weekends.

McDaniel encourages students to take their learning abroad. In fact, 35% of our students will spend a semester in one of our abroad programs. We also offer Student Exchange Programs with Facultés Universitaires Saint-Louis in Brussels, Belgium and with Africa University in Mutare, Zimbabwe. All financial aid and McDaniel scholarships can be applied to these three programs.

We also offer numerous College-affiliated programs in six continents and major cities around the world. McDaniel students enrolled in the Honors Program may also participate in the University of Glasgow Honors Program, which is offered in conjunction with the University of Glasgow in Scotland and a consortium (Principia Consortium) of other colleges in the U.S. Participation in the Glasgow Honors Program counts for two (out of four) Honors Program electives.

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