Reason #5 – One of 40 Colleges That Change Lives

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McDaniel is among a select group of 40 higher education institutions across the nation recognized in the newly released edition of the essential guidebook, “Colleges That Change Lives.”

Prospective college students and their parents have been relying on the book’s expertise to help them look beyond the Ivies and big research universities to find the right college since 1996, when former New York Times education editor Loren Pope first published this indispensable guide to high-performing schools, including McDaniel, that “share two essential elements: a familial sense of communal enterprise that gets students heavily involved in cooperative rather than competitive learning, and a faculty of scholars devoted to helping young people develop their powers, mentors who often become their valued friends.”

For the 2012 edition, education journalist Hilary Masell Oswald spent a year traveling to campuses around the country including a two-day visit here to conduct her own tours and in-depth interviews, building on the legacy created by Pope, who died in 2008, to create a fully updated, more expansive guide.

Not every college included in Pope’s original and revised 2000 editions appears in this updated 2012 “Colleges That Change Lives,” but McDaniel has been featured in every one. And our published profile is the only one that features faculty in their own words talking about their core mission to get students to stretch outside their comfort zones and explore ideas using different ways of thinking.

Putting students first in the admissions process has long been our goal, as it mirrors the experience you will have here as a student.

“Professors dream up courses together, have impromptu discussions about pedagogy over lunch, and team up to help a student get into grad school or score a competitive internship…their roles are first and foremost to be teachers and mentors.”

— excerpt from “Colleges That Change Lives”

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