Reason #7 - Great Minds Come Together

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This summer, biology professor Molly Jacobs and three of her students spent several weeks studying larval crustaceans at a marine research lab on Washington State’s remote San Juan Island, which is part of an archipelago that lies between the mainland and Vancouver Island.

Theirs were just one of hundreds of student-faculty research collaborations underway this year.

At McDaniel, faculty are not just experts in their field, but dedicated mentors who connect classroom learning with hands-on, real-world experiences that translate to opportunities for internships, grad school and jobs.

Sooner than you think, you will develop bonds with faculty members that last through your four years here — and into your life beyond graduation. You’ll cheer on Green Terror sports teams together and chat over lunch in the dining hall. You’ll have the chance to conduct research with professors, travel with them to attend academic conferences and join study tours led by them. They will get to know you well enough to offer sound advice if you find yourself stuck deciding on a major, which internship to choose, or a personal issue. It’s not uncommon for our faculty members to give out their cell phone numbers — and when students call, they answer.

Each year many McDaniel students collaborate with a professor on research. Students are often listed as co-authors on journal articles and have their work presented at national and international conferences.

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